Volume Slider movement

Core connected, via USB, to Chord Mscaler/Dave

Additional endpoints Muso, MusoQB, iMac.

Controlled via iPad 12.9pro, iPhone XR. iMac 24”

Library Size

25K+ tracks

Description of Issue

It appears that a minor bug has been reintroduced, when adjusting the volume slider it “automatically reduces the volume” when the finger is remove from the touch screen. It reduces by one or two digits, a video screenshot is available if required

Hey @PixelPopper

My apologies for the delayed response to your question.

Can you tell us a bit more about what you were experiencing and which Roon build you were on?

Where you using a remote when this occurred? Were you using lock screen controls?

We’ll be watching for your message. Thanks!

Hi Jamie, no worries re. delays.

The issue is with the volume slider controlled via my ipad pro, when adjusting the slider to adjust volume the slider continues to operate the volume up or down by a few “digits.”
The core is at build 884 & the ipad client at 880.

Lockscreen controls had been enabled but disabled after a few days due to the maximum volume bug (The current updates have hopefully overcome the maximum volume issue).

I had reported the same problem a few months ago and it was resolved on a subsequent build.

I hope this makes sense. :crossed_fingers:t4:

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