Volume Stays Fixed and Loud on DSD

I’m enjoying my first week of Roon very much. There is a kink I’m encountering with volume though. My source for Roon is a Windows 10 PC outputting to a Lampizator Big 7 via USB. Am using a zone that is the Amanero Driver (my USB driver) set as WASAPI, with settings of “Use Device Controls” yet the volume stays fixed and loud and I get the message “Amanero Volume Control is Fixed” even though it is not set as fixed. Playback is set to Exclusive, DoP. The DSD is playing fine (and lovely) but volume is very high and fixed. I really need to use the Windows machine as volume control via the Roon interface, system volume or Roon Remote as my preamp has no volume remote control.

Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks in advance!

Not sure, but I think I read somewhere that software volume control doesn’t work with DSD. @Brian ?

In general, DSD cannot be processed very easily, which is why almost all albums have been mixed and tweaked in PCM form, before being converted to DSD. Pure DSD is like direct-to-disc vinyl.

You’re describing the behavior of a device that doesn’t support volume controls. If Roon says it’s fixed, it is because we tried to open the device’s volume control interface and found no such capabilities.

This is not altogether uncommon. Only the most UX-focused DAC manufacturers seem to get volume control completely right at the device level. Many lack volume controls completely, or have volume control implementations that damage DSD playback.

Roon has a DSP volume control which you can select instead. One downside: this forces a DSD->PCM conversion, since we don’t have a DSD processing engine yet. That will change in the future.

Thanks Anders and Brian for the explanation. Happy to hear that there may be support here in future; would be great, as DSD is an important source for me. At least I’m in good shape when I listen with headphones as my headphone amp is close by and has volume control. I guess I can also consider changing preamps to one that has volume control, to address the issue for my main rig.