Volume steps RAAT BW Formation Duo

Hi all
just bought a pair of Formation Duo. Look fantastic and sound great!
I just noticed that volume steps when using in RAAT mode are very precise… Too precise I would like to say: it can vary by digits after decimal point (ie 14.9, 15.0, 15.1…)

I use Khazul Harmony Extension to control my Roon endpoints, especially to control volume, playback etc… In harmony, when I press +/- volume, volume usually increases/decreases by 1 step

Here when I am using Harmony with the Formation Duo, when I press a button to increase/decrease the volume when streaming with RAAT, one press increases/decreases by one digit after the decimal point and not the whole number…

This is a real pain!!

Is there any solution to make my Formation Duo volume increases/decrease by a whole number instead of digits when in RAAT mode??

I have the Wedge/Flex and I too see this behavior so it seems like a feature/quirk of the B&W Formation range :confounded:.

I only change the volume via Roon now because the decimals are annoying to look at when other devices don’t exhibit the same behavior.

Maybe Roon can add the ability to control volume steps ie by 1 step and not by 0.01 step?

I also posted a message in the Khazul Deep Harmony deepharmony page in GitHub hoping that he can add a functionality to apply volume change by 100x in order to have 1 change in harmony volume = 1 volume step

This is annoying because I really used to change directly the volume using my remote control

Eureka !
I never thought I was such a geek !
To every problem there is a solution: it happened that I had an old computer that I don’t use. I added this computer to Logitech via Bluetooth, I installed Autohotkey and remapped its buttons to have CtrlUp and CtrlDown in my remote. I set Roon to be always on top and that’s it