Volume to the USB input is 15-20db lower than the other DAC inputs

I just got a new DAC, a Holo Spring 3. I use an ethernet connected Chord 2go/2yu as a streamer bridge.
The USB output on the Chord is a pass through. I notice the USB volume output was low, at least 15db compared to my other digital devices. I then swapped to optical and BNC and the volume levels were normal. No matter what I’ve read here I can’t seem to find a setting that restores the USB to normal volume.

Might the setting be in the Chord setup?

There is virtually nothing to set up on the Chord units. Power it up select the output and that’s about it. I’m sure Roon is doing something or the USB card in the DAC is faulty.

You probably did check the signal path in Roon to verify it’s “unmolested” - care to share comparative screen shots?

Screenshot here

Connect the Spring 3 to the Roon Core computer USB port directly, bypassing the Chord. See if yields the same low volume or not.


Thanks for the suggestion, My Roon Core/Mac mini is about 10m from the DAC so I can’t do that. I have connected a laptop to the DAC USB and the volume was fine. I also connected the Chord 2Go/2Yu to another DAC comparing optical and the USB and the volume levels are the same so the Chord streamer is fine. The Roon software is somehow screwing just the USB volume around on the streamer and leaving the BNC/RCA/Optical alone. The USB is a pass through on the streamer so I something weird is going wrong.