Volume too low in Roon

All was fine one hour ago. Then, I install Amarra SQ+ to try control it using Roon by Sonic Stream. I couldn´t get it work. Then, I have uninstalled Amarra but the audio volume is too low.
Usually, I could have good volume in 70-75 on amplifier. More than 80 was too loud. Now, I need to use 90 and it´s not loud.

I´m using mac mini. Looking pictures for settings.



The Roon infrastructure seems to be malfunctioning this morning. I would suggest you wait a while before tinkering.

Are you suggesting that even though this product is downloaded onto someones home computer, Roon, at its home location can influence the functionality of remote products?

More like that there won’t be anyone around to help for a while I would imagine. As it’s working although sub optimally leave it alone, for a short time. @John_V ?

How does that help the OP?

Not at all Edward. I was suggesting that you defer the urge to tinker with the settings until Roon is running properly.

Im pretty sure is not malfunctioning, as the low volume happened after installing Amarra.

But once its downloaded, its stagnant and will always run the same until you download a new or updated version. No?

I have absolutely no idea as to cause or a fix, but did you do a roon backup before the install? If so a restore might be a starting point, perhaps.