Volume UI- revert to prior?

Under the volume icon the volume used to express level on a 0-100 scale: GOOD. Volume of 80 was very intuitive and the number space was uncluttered with just two digits. The switch to dB is not-- what is -23.5dB?! And the clutter (vs a two digit number) makes read-at-a-glance less easy. Finally, (for my 62 year old eyes) it would let the UI show a slightly larger display of “80”.

What device are you controlling and what are you using to do so?
What you see is dependent on the device.
See mine changes depending from 0 to 12 or 0 to 100.

Here are shots from new model iPhone and iPad. I use a Nucleus with miniDSP as the primary endpoint.

It’s what the mini is telling roon to do, the mini being supervtechnical and with a pro audio background would use DB. If you use one of you ios devices as an output you will see it go to a different scale.

The puzzle is why this changed recently. For years it has been 0-100 on all my iOS devices and the MacBook I’m typing on now.

The only other change was I upgraded the firmware of the miniDSP recently. It my first update since the SHD officially became Roon Ready. Maybe that triggered the change.

Probably, part of the roon ready piece is roon gets set to the manufacturer’s settings.

oK, I’ve started a thread in the miniDSP/SHD forum…