Volumen control in Roon and SQ

Please I was told that Volumen control in digital domain it is a loss of quality always
Is it true for Roon Volumen control ?
Thanks for help

So have I heard. I use fixed volume at maximum in roon and use the volume control at my amp.

This depends on the DAC. Some have hardware volume control, whereas others are fixed volume, and rely on a preamplifier to adjust volume.

If these option aren’t available, DSP volume may be used. When used, Roon will indicate signal quality, and the conversions taking place.

It definitely is not bit-perfect any more, as well as after any other digital signal processing.

What’s more important, though, is if one is perceiving it as degrading the sound - the mind’s susceptibility to biases can play tricks and spoil all fun…

Maybe it’ll take the uncertainty off your mind to read through @DrCWO’s excellent write-up regarding measurements of Roon’s DSP volume control effects, in order to find that its contributions are orders of magnitude below the threshold of audibility.


Thanks for clarification
Reading annex discusión it is clear DSP volumen control can be use without damage bit perfect stream
It is important since I am going to change my old Conrad Johnson PV9 and since my Weiss DAC recomends not to use its internal digital volumen control using Roon It is feasible just to buy a Phono amplifier and not a line preamp.

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