Volumio-5 Sees DAC (Roon) --- RoPieee Does Not (Roon)

I am running 2 Pi4Bs:
#1 with Volumio v5 and a Douk Audio USB>I2S interface, and
#2 with RoPieee (2023.5.1) and an Ian Canada TransportPi Digi
#1 works fine with Volumio with Roon enabled and DAC (Audio-GD - PS Audio compatible) is selectable in “Audio” ALSA choices.
#2 Pi4B with USB output directly into DAC (no hat) will show up as a Roon ALSA choice in Roon “Audio” and works fine, but Digi TransportPi Digi does not show up in “Audio” choices when connected to DAC (I2S or coaxial). TransportPi Digi did work with Volumio v5 (coaxial).
I have tried all recent versions of RoPieee with no success. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Don’t know whether the TransportPi Digi would be recognized by Ropieee at all, but if not done yet, you’d have to select your supported audio HAT from the dropdown in the Audio tab of Ropieee’s web administration screen, see ropieee-installation-guide.pdf Section IV page 33.

The TransportPi Digi is a HAT, so you need to configure it first.
Select the ‘Hifiberry Digi Pro+’ as HAT and follow the instructions.


Thank you for replying. I had the HiFiBerry Digi+Pro Hat selected, per Ian Canada’s instructions, but can only get it to show in Volumio. I will try again, in a different sequence with my DAC, to see if that makes any difference.

And let me know: this should just work :thinking: