Volumio and Roon bridge dont work with spdif

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Intel i5 nuc

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Ethernet 200mbit.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Volumio primo with Roon bridge to Mhdt Labs DAC connected with coaxial spdif.

Description Of Issue

I cant get my Volumio with Roon bridge work when connected with Spdif. Roon cant find it. When I connect with USB it works fine.
What do I do wrong?
It works fine when I play from Volumio itself.

Hi @Robert_Nilsson,

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Where are you connecting the Volumio via SPDIF/USB? Is this the connection to the Mhdt DAC or is this SPDIF/USB connection to the Core?

I forgot to write that the streamer is a Volumio primo and it is connected with a coaxial spdif to the dac.
The nuc and streamer is connected with Ethernet cable.
Roon is playing but it cant find the spdif output so there is no sound. As soon as I connect the dac with usb cable Roon finds it.

Hello @Robert_Nilsson,

Have you tried changing the “Output Device” setting in the Volumio WebUI? It can be found under the “Playback Options” menu. Make sure to hit “Save” after you have selected the SPDIF output.


Yes I have with no luck.

Hello @Robert_Nilsson,

We are able to play to our in-house Volume Primo’s SPDIF output using firmware 2.649 and Roon Build 521.

Could you clarify what you mean when you say that Roon is not able to “find” the Primo? Does the Primo appear in the Settings > Audio screen in Roon when the SPDIF output is selected?

I recommend rebooting everything in your setup, including the Roon Core, Primo, and your router. If this does not resolve the issue, I would reach out to the Volumio support team for further assistance as they would be in the best position to troubleshoot this issue for you.


The primos ouputs show up in Roon but there is no sound from any of them. As soon as I connect an usb cable between primo and dac a new output shows up in Roon and when I select it the sound comes on.
It seems that there is no handshake between primo and dac with spdif.

When using SPDiF, Roon talks to the Volumino software and not the DAC. Once you have checked that everything is set correctly in Roon then the next step is to check settings in Volumino. It is possible this is turned down in its settings for some reason.

The spdif output is set in Volumio but Roon cant find it. But as soon as I connect a usb cable between Primo and dac that output shows up.

This is what it looks like in Roon.

The top one is the only one with sound when activated. That is the one with usb.

Hi @Robert_Nilsson,

The next steps would be the ones that John outlined above:

Can you please reach out to Volumio support directly?

Yesterday I gave it another go with trying to get roon to find the spdif signal. There was four outputs in Roon named USB 1 to 4. Last time I tried there was no sound from none of them. As soon as I connected an usb cable between the Volumio primo and the dac a new output showed up. When I enabled it there was sound.
Yesterday I unplugged the usb cable and started over. When I enabled output #2 the signal suddenly locked and there was sound. :grinning:
I really dont know why it suddenly worked but now I am listening with spdif output and it sounds really good. :blush:
The only trouble I have found is that I cant play Aiff files in 24/192 with spdif. It plays but there is no sound. I have to manually change max output to 96khz, then there is sound.
Thanks for all help.

Hi @Robert_Nilsson,

Glad to hear you were able to get the SPDIF output working on Volumio!

Are you having the same issues with 192 FLAC files? You can download a few sample media content from 2L Test Bench if you need to test.

If 96khz works as expected, there’s no reason why 192 should have any issues, provided your DAC supports 192 via the SPDIF input. I would reach out to Volumio or Mhdt support regarding this.

Just for future reference as well, when making any changes to the Volumio configuration via the WebUI, it is suggested that you refresh the webpage as the Volumio WebUI settings might not automatically update after applying them.

I am interested in Getting the Volumio Primo and found this thread.
Tell me: does it come with Roon support, or do I need to install Roon Bridge?

Hello @AndersVinberg,

The Volumio Primo is currently in the Roon Ready certification process. I’m not privy to the current public capabilities of the device, insofar as it’s ability to act as a RAAT endpoint… it could be in the uncertified Roon Ready state or it could use Roon Bridge as a plugin.


I found this solution : In Roon Audio list just enable “USB AudioOnBoard #1” which is corresponding to the S/PDIF output on the Volumio Primo device.

This work even there is no USB DAC attached on the USB port !

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