Volumio Rivo showing up twice in audio menu after reconnecting - Why? (ref#BL0LRY)

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I took my Volumio Rivo out of my set-up (network), as I had to test my DAC for an unrelated issue. I reconnected my Rivo and now it shows up in The Audio Menu twice? Same address, but one via AirPlay (that is the way it showed up before), and one without. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and is one better than the other?

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My Roon Core is on a NUC running ROCK. This is my main speaker set-up in my living room. Everything is hardwired. I control this set-up running Roon on my iPad. I am running Qobuz thru Roon to the Rivo. I am kind of confused as to what is going on? LOL.

Hi @BobB,

Because the device supports both RAAT (as it’s Roon Ready) and also AirPlay so Roon has two different ways to connect to it.

I would recommend using RAAT over AirPlay.

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Carl….Thanks for the explanation. YES…that was my logical thought to use the most simple, direct route …….I am just wondering why the Rivo did not show up like this until I took it out of the chain and then returned it. It is connected just as it was before.
Thanks for your help!

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