Vorisek Symphony in D: Wrong Opus No. causes composition not to match in Roon

I have noticed that the metadata on the attached album are wrong, insofar that the last Piece (Vorisek Symphony in D, op. 24) is tagged as “Op. 23”. This is definitely wrong as Vorisek has only composed one Symphony - and that is op. 24. See here for reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Symphony_in_D_(Voříšek)

The wrong metadata cause this compositon not to be recognised - and grouped - by Roon. Could you please contact your metadata provider to get this corrected at source. Many thanks.

NB: The first composition onthe album by Salieri is alao not being matched.

It looks like this is coming in this way from multiple sources, but the data we have is actually pretty limited. With this being a relatively new release it’s likely that this will get more data added. We’ll look into this to confirm, thanks!

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