Voting on Feature Suggestions?

I wanted so badly to reply simply “+1” to this, but alas I needed at least 10 characters. :grin:

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plus one !

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As many things in Roon, this one also has a neat workaround: in order to jump to the vote button you can click on the vote counter link which always shows below the title.


We have a very limited votes available for some reason? I just digged up some old thread with requests I’m still waiting for, but after (I beleive) 5 votes I’m capped and need to remove a vote to add a new… this is a silly limit IMHO.


Yes, pity really. I think the number is 6. There’s probably around 30 to 40 I’d vote for now. Five to six years ago 6 votes would probably do, but most of the features I want are still unfulfilled requests while most of the new functions in Roon are things I don’t want or need.
So, @danny , there will be no votes from me because I see it as rather pointless.

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This was all discussed by Danny here.

I know. I’ve read the thread and Danny’s response and suddenly the thread was locked. Hence my response to Danny here,

If you don’t want to vote, that’s your choice.

The limited number of votes is a method for people to prioritize their top suggestions. I would have thought 1 vote would be the best, but the Discourse team believes that more works better to achieve certain goals. I’ll trust their instincts on how to run a forum until I see otherwise.

These are feature suggestions, and should not create an expectation that the feature will be implemented.

I would like to vote for support for Boolean search (both in Focus and Tags).

When I search the forum, I find 12 topics on Boolean search in feature requests.

I have 3 votes left.

Do I need to add a 13th ‘boolean’ topic in order to have my 1 vote count?

Please advice, as this won’t work. (an I am sure there are lots of other ‘similar’ feature requests spread out over different topics).


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Nope, just pick the most significant existing topic that aligns with your request.

If you PM @moderators a list of the “duplicate” topics, we can see if any are suitable for merging.

@anon90297517 thanks for list … I’ll take look and see what I can do.

pick one that has a good description and use case for what you need it for, or add one.

For example, boolean search for some focus types that we felt were relevant was added, but you may have an interesting use case for one of the fields we passed on.

That’s the main reason roon’s implementation of this it’s the way it is: there are no use cases here to consider, Boolean is Boolean and all you have to implement is to allow any Boolean operators between any available fields, it’s that simple.

If it’s that simple, the answer is no. If you want to give us use cases, we will think about your use cases.

Here are some ‘simple’ examples supporting the enhanced implemantation ‘boolean operators’


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Just curious, you have 250.000 or so users, let’s optimistically assume that are 5.000 or so particular use cases each one of your users needs or wants, how are you going to address them, one by one?

I really do not understand you. You want use cases so you can implement particular situations, but you don’t want to see that combining everything with everything will cover all the imaginable, possible and beyond use cases…

I would have never guessed that… but four from five top voted feature suggestions are matching mine!! Totally made my day, absolutely awesome guys! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thank you all who already used the new voting system to promote their wishes. Keep it up so that @danny and the rest of the team finally take notice about some longstanding shortcomings of Roon! :pray: :pray:


It’s been a month already - when are we going see some movement from Roon regarding the votes?

As per @danny:
"We will periodically mark features with brackets [ ] in the title explaining if it is done or not on the roadmap."

What does “periodically” mean in more exact terms? Once a month? Once a year?


  1. from time to time; occasionally.

Does it even make any sense to use the voting system?

I do not see any of the top-voted feature suggestions recently updated with a clear indication if it is or isn’t on roadmap:

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