VOX for playback away from Core. And maybe for Database Backups?

I am happily running a Nucleus; there are times when I am away from the core, but would like to play my library. VOX ($4.99 a month) will do that for me and I can access my library from multiple Mac devices, including my iPads. VOX offers an “unlimited” cloud which I can use to access and store my library.

I am wondering if there is a way to send and store my database backups to this cloud. If so, I can stop my Dropbox subscription, saving that $12.99 in the bargain.

I have queried VOX, but no answer yet, so I am hoping someone here knows the answer.



Hi @Mike_Rife,

Roon doesn’t integrate with VOX. I’m not familiar with VOX myself, but one option for syncing with cloud services outside of Dropbox is to save backups to a folder on your Mac and then sync that folder to the cloud service. I’m not sure if VOX will let you sync folders in this way but, if they do, that will be the best option for saving backups there.

Thanks for your expertise. I will wait to hear from VOX to see if I can sync an external file to their cloud. If I can, I will post here.

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