VPN access without any hassle

I just set up the inbuilt vpn server in my Ubiquiti USG Router. I now have remote access to Roon without having to do any other workarounds on my phone. Just had to ensure the built in vpn on android is routing all traffic via the vpn. I expected Roon to not work as the VPN is on another VLAN but it appears the router is mapping it all and it just works. I am very happy right now.

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Oh well spoke to soon. It does not work today not sure why. I think I must have confused the app when using it at home somehow. It was definitely working on my 4g connection yesterday but as I connected via WiFi first and the endpoint was active before switching the VPN on maybe that’s it.

try zerotier.com I had it working in my hotel in Thailand to my windows 10 core…wont work for ROCK but for windows and Mac cores even linux I think will be fine

No use I have ROCK.