Vulnerabilities of Unsupported Roon Software

I know that there are a million and one new threads with the release of 2.0, but I’ve been mulling something over today. As we all know by now, Roon is supporting two versions of its software until the end of the year, 2.0 and 1.8 Legacy. As 2023 starts, 1.8 Legacy will become unsupported. I’ve always been told to use supported software, if it’s at all possible. Supported software is secure software!

But my question is this: when it comes to Roon Software, are there many identified security vulnerabilities that arise, and therefore need fixing? I’ve checked back over the change logs and there never seems to be mention of “Security fixes”.

I’m quite happy with 1.8 Legacy and would be happy to use if for some time after support ends, but I wonder if I’d be opening myself up to security issues down the line.