"Waiting For Remote" never connects [resolved]

Hello @support

My Roon Core runs on a 2013 MacBook Pro dual core i5 with 8GB of RAM and, with the exception of some recent problems when I moved the location of my music folders, has been very stable since the early days of Roon. I have run Roon Remote on two other computers, another MacBook Pro that is identically configured, and a newer iMac. These Remote computers have always been able to connect with Core and do their jobs. I use the second MacBook Pro laptop as my control point when listening to music.

After upgrading to the latest version of 1.3 (Build 203) on all machines, I have been unable to connect my MacBook Pro laptop Remote to my Roon Core. The connection gets stuck and the “Waiting for Remote Core” message plays endlessly. My iMac, on the other hand, connects right away.

One difference between the two machines is that my iMac is hardwired into the network whereas my MBP relies on wi-fi. That has never been an issue before and indeed my MBP shows a strong signal and can connect to the Internet. So, as far as I can tell, the problem is not with my wireless network. Nor is the problem with any firewall (both laptops are open) or with the Roon Core machine not being configured to accept Remote Connections – it is.

I thought maybe the problem was with the software on my Remote laptop so I uninstalled the version of 1.3 on that machine and downloaded a new copy of Roon and installed that last night. But I still get the “Waiting for Remote Core” message.

Can someone @support or elsewhere explain why this might be happening and suggest a fix?

What happens if you click “select a different Core” ? You don’t see it on the next screen either?

Hi @Mike

When I click on “select a different Core,” I get this message: “If you select a different core, you won’t be able to access the music you had before. Is that what you want?” [yes or no]

That was enough to scare me off. Should I click YES and see what happens?

Yup, click Yes and let me know what you’re seeing on the next screen.

Now I feel a little sheepish for not doing this earlier. One of the options after clicking YES as we discussed above was to connect to my actual Core machine – I had assumed that “select a different Core” really meant a DIFFERENT Core. Once I clicked on the tab for my actual Core machine, the Remote immediately connected to my Core and all is well.

Your instincts were right on this one, @Mike.

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