Waiting for ROON Certification is like

Waiting for new equipment to be ROON Certified is like waiting for Adobe to support RAW files of new cameras in Lightroom.


Perhaps the manufacturers should not be releasing unfinished code and just wait until it’s approved. But they continue to do so regardless of Roons interventions to stop them.

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Perhaps in the middle of a pandemic, with companies under extraordinary pressure to stay afloat, and folk stuck at home needing more than ever to listen to music, there could’ve been a better way to resolve a poor situation that should never have been allowed to develop.

How long?
Is it specified in the Certification Regulations?

When it passed all if the certifications I guess. How long depends on the manufacturer and their team.

So what can you do with the Matrix in your Roon setup at the moment, is it enabled via Airplay or can it not be used at all as roon endpoint?
I know the matrix is in testing, was conversing with them via mail recently.
I have the Element M, great piece of kit. Will pick up the mini pro 3 when it’s certified to replace a sonos connect that is failing.

As long as it takes its a two way street there is no time constraints. Each manufacturer will respond to issues Roon finds in different ways and prioritise resources as they see fit. Roon will also I assume be allocating time resources to test based on this feedback and updates to software. This is why nobody should release with uncertified code at all as its asking for trouble from consumers. You can’t get away with this shenanigans with Airplay or Google Cast.

I was in no way trying to place blames. I was merely making an observation of how I see it as a parallel to the situation with new camera support. Of course, it will be nice to have ROON certified right out of the gate but it seems like the certification process is indeed taking longer then what manufacturers would like.

No, because you can still take pictures with your camera and import them into Photoshop. Not a valid analogy.

Not the RAW files, PS will not open camera it does not yet support.

Adobe’s DNG converter converter is often ahead of Camera Raw in terms of camera support. You might want to try that, and import from there.

Adobe Camera RAW, LR and PS basically share the same release schedule.

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Either changed with the cloud model, or, more likely, I’m getting old… had this vague memory that back in the day, DNG converter was a bit ahead (and also the go-to if you were running an older version of Photoshop that didn’t support the latest release of Camera Raw) - might’ve just been betas being more available, or it’s my own senility.

Indeed, that is no longer the case. The subscription model has changed the way these products get released.

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