Waiting for Roon Core - repeatedly

When opening the Roon app I frequently get the “Waiting for Roon Core” message - maybe 50% of the time I try to use it.

I use the Roon app on an iPad (latest OS), iPhone (latest iOS) or a Macbook Pro (latest macOS) - whichever is handy! In fact, I can open the Roon app on multiple devices at the same time, with the same Wifi, same Roon Core and some devices will work while others can’t find the Roon Core.

Some setup details… Roon Core runs native on a Mac Mini (2018) which is connected via ethernet to my router. The devices all connect via Wifi (5Ghz). The actual files are on a NAS drive to which the Mac Mini has a mapped network drive.

Hello @Rob_Wilson,

What kind of router do you have, can you please let me know the model/manufacturer?
Is the router one that needs modifications made as mentioned in our Networking Best Practices Guide?

Its a Netgear Nighthawk D7000.

Hi @Rob_Wilson,

Can you please check the router for any “multicast” or “IGMP Snooping / Proxying” settings on it?
These settings have helped with connection issues in the past. Also just to confirm here, this is the only router in the setup, there are no other access points / range extenders?

My router has IGMP Proxying; should this be enabled or disabled?

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Toggle it to the opposite of whatever it’s set to. On to off, off to on.

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Hi @Rob_Wilson,

I would try flipping the IGMP Proxying switch to see if that helps with this behavior.

I have been experimenting with the IGMP proxying switch by toggling the setting and restarting the Roon client app. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to make any difference.

However I did notice some other behaviour on my devices which leads me to believe that it isn’t Roon after all: I was using my laptop (Macbook Pro) to control Roon (which was not connecting to the Core). I noticed that my Mac couldn’t connect to my NAS drive. Then I tried to screen share to my Mac Mini (Roon Core) and was unable to do this too. Accessing the internet from the laptop was fine, it seems as though my Mac couldn’t connect to anything on the local network.

After about 5 minutes or so of me restarting Finder, reconnecting to Wifi etc, it all started to work: screen share, NAS access and Roon.

So my issue might be more related to my Apple devices taking some time to find devices on the local network. I will try to find out whats going on here…

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Just to tie this up, I eventually solved the issue after I upgraded my WiFi to use a mesh system. I’d been having other problems with connectivity so decided to upgrade. I hope this helps someone else!

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Hi @Rob_Wilson,

Thanks for letting us know the new mesh setup is working as expected, that’s fantastic news!
Hope you have a continued pleasant Roon experience :headphones:!

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