Waiting for Roon Core - something not right error

Recently I started to receive these error messages and Roon has ceased to work properly.

Sometimes it works sometimes I receive these waiting for roon core messages. I have problems every 10-30 minutes. Sometimes more often. Its terrible.

I had as as my Roon Core a mac mini with 4GB RAM. Due to these problems I upgraded to a MacMini with 16GB RAM with Apple M2 chip. However, the problem persists. I am running the latest MacOS (13.3.1).

I am using a Aavik S-280 streamer, and my router is a FiberGateway GR141DG. My internet speed is 200MB and it’s stable.The connection is ethernet into a Ansuz D2 Powerswitch. Cables are Ansuz D2 cables.

The music collection is 39,000 tracks. My music library is on two external SSD attached to mac mini via USB. But the problem is not a data base problem or trouble loading the library.

I am using an Apple iPad Pro as the controller. I am using Roon Version 2.0 on both controllers and Roon Core.

The trouble is that my Roon Core (a brand new Mac Mini M2 with 16GB RAM) seems to be struggling with the Roon software and the message i receive in the Roon app is “waiting for Roon Core” and then “uh-oh something not right” and “make sure computer is connected”.

Then it starts works, then the messages come on and although it continues to play the track I can no longer interact with the app (add tracks etc). And then it starts to works again…so strange.

There are no VPN, firewall or other users.

Thanks for your help.


This seems to be a network related issue. Have you rebooted every item in you audio chain? Router, switch, streamer, Mac?

Have you tried to connect both your Mac and your streamer directly to the router with a standard ethernet cable?

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I would agree with @Arlen, this sounds like a network issue. In addition to trying a standard ethernet cable I’d also suggest removing the Ansuz D2 Powerswitch from the equation, if possible, i.e. connect your core directly to your router.

I’m running Roon Server on an M2 Mac Mini as well and am not seeing these issues, though I’ve chosen not to upgrade to Roon beyond 1.8 so I’m running Legacy.

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Many thanks for your help. I turned off everything and turned it on again and it now works fine.

Probably was a network issue.


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Sometimes the obvious is the answer.
If you haven’t already done so, raise a support thread for your own issue.

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