Waiting for Roon server - Constant intermittent problem

I’m having constant ongoing issues with a “waiting for Roon server” message.

It’s intermittent & seems to be for the first couple of hours of using Roon, after which it seems to settle down, for the most part.

Usually it’s in the form of a little pop-up window with a purple circle that slowly completes but it manifests itself in various ways, at other times.

For example, I just launched Roon & saw this:

The menu bar & the app do not appear to agree.

However, I restarted the app & it came up as normal.

One of the Roon staff members mentioned a while back that they were seeing some very weird things going on with my Mac & this is consistent with some of the things I’m seeing, not just with Roon. Sadly, I can’t find that message.

I mention this, simply because even though I’m reporting a problem, I understand that the problem may well be at my end & not Roon’s.

If there’s any way I can find out more about the weird things that the Roon people are seeing, I’m wondering if I might be able to change something at my end to get a generally better experience.

One of the bugbears of all this is that the music just stops. Sometimes it stays stopped, sometimes it continues & sometimes it skips to the next track.

The thing that’s really messing with my head, though, is that the Roon app & the Roon server are one the same machine. I can’t understand why the connection between the two gets broken so easily & so often. Presumably my machine is doing something that’s using a lot of precessing power & we all know how greedy Roon can be.

Right now, my activity monitor is looking like this:

But that’s because I’ve just thrown a 35 disc box set into the library & it’s doing all the analysing & stuff. Once that’s done, I’d expect it to settle down a lot.

Any other clues would be very welcome.

Are there any CPU or memory intense tasks running in the background? Either from Roon (like file browsing, reindexing etc) or other software.

Apart from the analysing I mentioned, no.

Dropbox was not doing anything, there were no other downloads or uploads in progress.

Opera browser seems quite greedy but even that wasn’t running at this point.

After its little tantrum earlier, everything seemed to settle down, apart from a couple of times when it just stopped for no obvious reason & I had to press the space bar to get it going again.

System resources are fine, as they so often are:

It’s a bit of a mystery.

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Hello @Snowdog
There is a potential bugfix we have released, that affects the connection between the Core and Remote on the same machine, and probably it can help.
So please update your Server and Remote to the newest versions and check the behavior.
Do you see the same behavior on your other remotes? Or only the Remote on the same machine with the Server is affected?


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Thanks for that, Andrew.

In fact, today was one of those days when I’ve had uninterrupted music all day, but I’ve just run the update anyway. Let’s see what happens! :slight_smile:

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Keep us updated.

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Okay, so it’s been playing like a dream all day. I’ve been tagging various things & messing around with stuff in the library. Everything’s been fine & the music has continued uninterrupted, as it did yesterday.

Just now, for some reason, the music stopped. I wasn’t actually doing anything with the library at that point, although it may have been analysing some stuff.

Now I seem to be back in one of those places where, rather than a brief interruption, Roon seems determined to make a complete meal of the situation.

It’s re-reading in the entire library. Scanning, it says. But the library exists & is backed up, so I have no idea why it has to scan through everything all over again. Most restarts aren’t like this now that the server is separate but occasionally, like now, they are.

So first I’m seeing this:

Then it seems to want to add some music. I also have no idea why it does this. Did it not add it properly when it was added before Roon stopped?

During this period I saw the ol’ “waiting for Roon server” a couple of times.

The only other thing that’s happened, which may well shed a different light, is that I’ve been saving the occasional file on one of my other computers which would have called Dropbox into action. Also, my wife has come home from work & gone into the office to finish off some work.

So, this things are using the internet, but this once again brings into question how Roon App & Roon Server, being on the same machine, are affected by what the internet might be doing.


The sum total of all that is that it finished adding the music & left me with a blank screen.

I went to “albums” & it loaded this mage:

The play bar at the bottom is correct & the music has continued where it left off. Relaunching the app brought it back to an album I was playing yesterday, but nothing to do with what I’ve been doing today.

So what’s that. Some kind of “last saved” thing?

I’ll be honest, though, as I keep saying on these threads, by & large - these occasional freak-outs notwithstanding - the whole thing now works like a dream, most of the time! I love that I don’t even need the app running on my main machine in order to be able to control stuff from my phone.

I would MUCH MUCH MUCH rather someone sorted out ARC so that I could actually start use it again.

I’m doing a lot of long journeys these days & not having ARC in the car is a major bummer.

NOTE: ARC just started working perfectly, several days after posting that.

I shall explain more in an ARC specific post.

Been having a similar issue. Running ROON on a Mac mini, iMac and iPhone. Mac mini is the core.
My phone and iMac regularly go to the searching for core message. I have to close out the app on my phone and it’s fine. The iMac usually works after a minute or two.
The app on my phone doesn’t work from the Lock Screen very often and if I then go to the main app it’s not working either. The art work will disappear and become unresponsive.
I had no of these issues prior to the new update.

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