Waiting for the Great Leap Forward

For those of us who are not about to ROCK there is a palpable sense of the void in terms of new developments. I actually blame the dev team for the dizzying pace of changes in the last year - its left me wanting more…

Do i expect the team to divulge the roadmap ? Nah, of course not. Been there, done that. I am looking for wild, uninhibited, ill informed speculation (non ROCK related please - i can’t afford more hardware without a divorce)

The Great Leap Forward is in your Music collection or on Tidal. Get exploring as it’s so easy to do. :sunglasses:


Ah, Billy Brag the Barking Bard

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Mermaid Ave. if you go that route.

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What are you expecting?

I can’t think of anything major that Roon lacks. Evolution, not Revolution awaits.

Sure Roon could benefit from ongoing dev to improve ergonomics in many ways, and I am sure these will come along, but I’m flummoxed as to what “the great leap forward” could possibly comprise?


Great Leap Forward was flippant - 1.3 was that (as is ROCK). I’m hooked on evolution -incremental, steady, controversial.

Personally ? MQA first unfold, chromecast, Alexa / Siri

Don’t care really - just intrigued

Roon will analyze your collection (including Tidal listens) and will push notifications to you of upcoming shows near your location. You will also be able to list all upcoming shows in order of proximity in time and distance.

Roon will compare your collection and listening habits with those of other Roon users and use that data to suggest new music to you.

Roon will use the data Google keeps on you to assemble playlists based on your recent experiences. For example, as you get ready for your Hawaiian vacation, Roon will start playing Hawaiian music, surf music and tracks about travelling. While you go through your divorce, Roon will play songs about lost love, as well as misogynistic anthems.

Roon will be able to analyze lyrics to assemble playlists based on subjects you plug into the analysis, like a search function.

On August 17, 2022, Roon will become self-aware and will publish on social media the most embarrassing content of the music libraries of users who post negatively about it on this forum. Your Chipmunks obsession will no longer remain private.


Ok. Yeah MQA would be nice and id (and focus) of which albums are Master in library.

Chromecast would also be really cool. I have 2 redundant Chromecasts since getting Roon :grin:

For me the next great leap forward is iOS playback along with syncing music to various remotes for local playback.


Oh yes !! Wonderful

Okay wild speculation. I reckon there will be more 1.x releases with more significant cool new features but version 2.0 of Roon will be the giant leap and will include:

  1. The end of the lifetime membership

  2. Ability to access your Roon Core from anywhere in the world, over the internet. And with CarPlay and Android Auto integration. Maybe later the car displays themselves will have RoonReady integration and only use the phone for the internet connection to access your Roon Core.

  3. Later Roon Core will be able to move completely to the cloud (like when terrabytes of fast cloud storage cost a few dollars a month)

  4. Proper social interaction with other Roon users. Apple Music has it coming with iOS 11 but you’ll be able to see which other users are listening (or have listened) to the music you’re listening to and you can interact in real time, all elegantly within the app (which is now done on the forum already but it will be all in the Remote Remote app, a more elegant solution). Only if you choose to btw - you’ll be able to disable the social features if you want of course.

  5. Spotify and Apple Music will cave in and allow Roon integration (and both will have 24bit streaming by then too) lol

One can only dream right !?


Given the size of the “what are you listening to now” thread, intuitive and expanded social recommendations seems a no brainer


From reading this forum the two things Roon has mentioned they are actively working on at the moment are UI redesign (no details of what that means other than more common UI across phones and tablets) and mqa support. There may be other things but that is all I am aware of.

They have also committed to some sort of roaming support but I think that is further down the road. I could be wrong of course.

They also seem to be seriously considering some form of crowd sourcing for metadata.

The iOS playback support is not in Roon’s hands so not up to them when that is coming or not.

I just hope that the great leap is vertical, not horizontal…

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Amazon just dropped it’s unlimited data option, leaving no one offering unlimited data. This leads me to believe terrabytes for a few dollars a month will not come anytime soon. :disappointed:

The only thing I am looking for is an option for vertical scrolling. Other than that, Roon has more than satisfied the price of a lifetime membership.


I hope that one of the next big things will be a better radio function which uses the whole Tidal, not only tracks already in my collection.
Ideally this will be part of a bigger recommendations system, giving recommendations based on your collection, your favorites and the songs you heard lately.


Agreed… and real scrolling, not just paging…


Nice, how did I miss this :confounded:

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Big leap for me is remote access and portability of my library through Roon on my iOS devices. This is huge for me as I find having to manage and duplicate libraries and playlists with iTunes and Plex for external access to my library plus having to use Tidal’s subpar app offsite is so cumbersome.