Waiting 'music' after queue is finished - how to switch off

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after the playlist (or album) is finished after a pause roon starts playing a kind of repetitive waiting ‘music’ which is really annoying. How can I turn this of? It’s very very irritating!

Go to the Queue screen of your Zone, and turn off Roon Radio.

Note that each Zone has its own queue, so you’ll need to turn this off for each Zone.

Hi Geoff, thanks for your quick response. in all zones ‘radio’ is switched off, but still happens that the repetitive ‘sound’ takes over. it still/also happens when I pause the music, but then after maybe half a minute the (non)music takes over.

best regards, sander

What’s showing on the play screen?
And have you rebooted everything.

Hi @Sander_de_Jong,

You describe what your hearing as “music” or “sound” … am I correct this is noise ie not a normal audio track?

Also when it’s happening, is Roon display any activity that it is playing a music track (I suspect not, but would be could to confirm)?

As a troubleshooting step have you tried, rebooting the machine that Roon is running on and your DAC?
And any associated network equipment.

I see from your first post that you omitted the information requested, can you revisit this please and supply as it’s vital that Roon @support team understand the details of your setup in order for them to best support you in resolving this issue.

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roon core machine
laptop toshiba intel i7
router to switch, hegel and bluesound in same switch
connected audio gear
bluesound node 2i via coaxial to holo spring 3
hegel h590
number of tracks 13k

nothing is being displayed, in the ‘currently playing’ track is still displayed as paused. no indication what is producing ‘music’ music is the same kind as when placed on hold with the telephone…

rebooting ‘the works’

that seems to have done the trick! :+1:t2:

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