Waiting Roon Core after Intel NUC goes into standby

I have an Intel nuc running Windows 11 and roon core ‘server’.

I’ve found that when I’ve left the NUC powered on but not used for over an hour, the roon remote app refuses to establish a connection although when I tell roon remote to find another core server, my windows pc shows up as an option in a ‘ready’ state.

In this scenario, when I attempt to select the windows PC, the app remains in search mode.

The solution is to reboot the entire NUC.

Anyone encountered this behaviour before?

I’ve reproduced the issue by telling my intel nuc to go into standby after 1 minute.

So does this mean that I have to set my windows machine to never ever go into standby?

Yes, Roon does not have any WOL ability, so you would need to wake the machine in another way before using Roon. You could try using a WOL app first. Wait til the PC wakes up and then use Roon.

I think several users in the Tinkering section could provide suggestions on which works best.

Personally, I leave my RoonServer on 24/7.

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Finding Roon OS only refers to those machines actually running Roon OS, i.e. a ROCK machine or a Nucleus. So, for Roon Core running on a Windows machine, that search will never end.

Don’t know about the sleep problem as I don’t run Roon on my WIN11 machine.

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