Wake from sleep end point?

Hi please excuse me if this is not the correct spot for this question as this is only my second post

I was wondering if there are any commercially available end point products (like a dac amp combo) which will wake from standby when the roon is activated remotely via controller ipad?


But they are expensive.

Naim Uniti range do, you can also power them off as well.

Thanks for feedback on the Naim Uniti

I’m asking as I wish to make music more easily accessible in my house hold I have a couple of children one is a young teenage with a disability but who is able to operate a tablet quiet efficiently not having to mess around turning on and off amps, dacs, pc etc would be a massive plus point for her

I’ve just ordered the components for a Roon Rock and am looking forward to dipping my toe in the water and making music much more accessible for every one in our house.

Any pointers on other such kit would be most welcome.

Lumin network players will also ‘wake up’ from standby when you start playing to it/them as a Roon endpoint.

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What I do with my non-Meridian gear is turn it on when I buy it and leave it on.


Lumin M1

Its amplifier section is powered off during standby, and will turn on automatically if you use Roon app to play something to it, as part of its Roon Ready implementation.

Note that if you get a separate endpoint + amplifier, you will need to figure out whether the amplifier can be woken up by Roon app on iPad. Amplifiers consume many times more power than an endpoint / player / DAC.

I also believe some of the Bluesound products provide a 12V trigger which can be used to wake something up.

Thanks I did wonder if the Bluesound power Node might be an option for the daughter but have seen some mixed messages in its compatibility.

For my main sytem I like the look of the Naim Atom and also the Hugo TT2 is an option while it wont wake from standby it would be a single button operation as it can be used in a dac/amp configuration with sensitive speakers which mine are.

I’m in no rush and hoping I might see some further feed back

Have had it confirmed on another thread by a user that the Bluesound power Node 2 wakes on command from the app.

This is probably my least expensive option (£349 new open box) and seems a good fit for the daughters room.

I’m using Sonos Play 3s for that kind of thing, though mostly because I already had quite a few of them!

They do seem to fit your requirement though - as long as 16bit /44.1 is high enough quality for you.