Wake-On-LAN for Nucleus?

WOL capability? I like to be reasonably green.

With a boot time coming in at less than 2 seconds, why not just hit the power button to turn it on and off? A power on/off schedule would probably be easy to add, if it’s not already included.

I hadn’t looked at Vortexbox in ages. Nice! I don’t think it really competes with ROCK/Nuclei, though. ROCK/Nuclei is supposed to be for those who can’t or don’t want to deal with computer audio in the context of a computer. No twiddling with an operating system, no grappling with software incompatibilities, no fixing everything after an update of one thing, no monitor to have to accommodate on your rack or power situation. Also, I didn’t notice: does the Vortexbox come in a fanless case? That feature is critical if the device is to be used as an audio appliance.


I might want it hidden away somewhere?

I might not know when I want to turn it on?

Doesn’t sound like ROCK/Nucleus is the right product for you. I may be behind the times, especially when it comes to networking; but isn’t WOL something that would require some fiddling and at least some fluency in computing and networking? ROCK/Nucleus is aimed at the user that just wants to treat the server/endpoint as an appliance, with no technical hurdles. WOL is fairly technical, no? Also, the fanless feature in Nucleus probably expects most customers to place the unit next to their DAC, not in a closet.

Also, a good chunk of the Nuclei prices goes to that case work. If you want to hide the device, you should get something with a fan and maybe more processing power. That would save you a lot of duckets.

Otherwise, you could ask for WOL to be added (if it isn’t already included).

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Not really. If you own the OS and the hardware supports it, it would pretty trivial for the remote to be able to wake a registered Core on an average home network. If done right it would be transparent to the user. And with a boot time of <2 secs (!) you’d barely notice the delay.

A simple setting ‘automatically try and wake core’ would be all that’s needed, the first thing a remote would do if it didn’t reach the Core, is send a wake signal. It’s only technical if you have to do it as a workaround.

I doubt that to be honest. I think a lot of people will have it in a closet, cupboard, hidden shelf somewhere.

The machine can be turned on by sending the magic wake-on-lan packet. I just tested it using my MacbookPro to send the packet.

so… you can set it to sleep at schedule/button push?

Wonderful. Thank you[quote=“danny, post:116, topic:25971, full:true”]

The machine can be turned on by sending the magic wake-on-lan packet. I just tested it using my MacbookPro to send the packet.

You can power it off using the web settings ui.