"Wake up" active speaker connected to RoonBridge via analog cable


I am using an active network speaker (a Musaic MP5 Speaker) in a room which is primarily there for guests occupying that room who would like to stream their spotify music via spotify connect or use BT for direct streaming from their mobile phones.

As I also would like to make that device roon ready via a RoonBridge, I installed dietpi with roonbridge on a Raspberry Pi 2 and connected the Raspberry Pi via analog cinch cable to the Aux In input at the active speaker. While that works, I only have one issue:
The active speaker goes into network standby and only wakes up when receiving a digital wake signal, such as from spotify connect or BT or any streaming signal via Ethernet or Wifi. As RoonBridge is connected via analog cable to AuxIn, it does not wake up the speaker. I.e., I have to manually switch on the speaker, be it via the Musaic App or physically pressing a button on the speaker.

Any idea how I could circumvent this manual “switch-on” step?

It is compatible with IFTTT (I have never used it) so you may be able to have it wake up when you use the Roon app?

i had the same idea but i have no idea what trigger would help me with ifttt - there is no trigger to keep the speaker on. whats worse: the speaker goes into network standby whenever there is no sound signal for 10min :slight_smile:

As a workaround you could schedule wakeonlan, etherwake, etc to run every 5 minutes or so through cron on your RPI.

Sounds good. Will try. Thanks!!!