Walker Audio contact cleaner

I bought some of this back in 2013, US$220 for a tiny jar, even I thought I was mad :wink:

Here’s me, interviewing me about it:
Q: Andy, does it work?
A: A bit

Q: Did you measure it?
A: Don’t be daft, I’ve never measured a thing on my HiFi in 45 years

Q: Did anyone die?
A: Not that I’m aware

Q: Did the kids starve?
A: No, I don’t have any - otherwise I’d never waste so much money

Q: Was it worth US$220?
A: Every single penny, not a moment of buyer’s remorse

Q: But, but, but - how can it possibly be worth it - if it only made ‘a bit’ of difference - and you didn’t even measure it?!
A: Ah, there you go. I have had immense fun with it :slight_smile: I’ve shared it with all my mates, and we also had immense fun - we were laughing, joking, intrigued - it was just like having a brilliant, shared, hobby

Q: Did they think it worked?
A: A bit

Q; Overall, how would you rate Walker Audio Extreme SST with Nanocrystal Technology?
A: I rate it as Excellent A+++

Q: Can you be more objective, for your more technical side?
A: Oh, let me see, I’m not very technical, er; I’ve had it 7 years, my friends and I have had a load of fun with it, it made all our stereos ‘a bit’ better, I’ve only used <5% of it - and, unlike most of the kit I’ve ever bought, it’s gone up in value. How’s that?

Q: Should other people buy it?
A: No idea. But if you live near me, in England or HK, I’d be delighted for you to try it - provided you have fun

Q: Thanks, Andy
A: You’re very welcome, Andy