Walks like a complaint, quacks like a complaint but really is just a question

In an effort to understand an issue I come across relatively frequently enough to annoy.

A typical listening session chez Sloop …

Listening to Midnight Well and delighted to see the amount of information available in Roon about artists on it.

Fran Breen, didn’t he play with the Waterboys too, CLICK the hyperlink

Indeed he was, and Stockton’s Wing, I had forgotten totally about them, CLICK the hyper… oh wait it’s not a link, perhaps there is no data on Stockton’s Wing?

Well let’s search Tidal for one of their albums

and hey presto loads of information and albums from Stockton’s Wing.

My question is “why did I have to search,why wasn’t it a link?”

it’s the whole point of Roon surely?



…and if you add them to your library, does the link then become active?

I’ve found lots of the links just go to blank pages like that and I have sort of given up looking beyond that point. The meta data look up is great, until it isn’t.

kinda defeats the purpose?

I can only discover something if they are already in my collection!


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Agreed, it would be great to explore further. For this to work though Roon would have to basically continually expand your library to include albums not in your library. Where would it draw the line in terms of where it stops… every album introduces a potential new pool of artists, composers etc. to be added to your library.

Yes, and unfortunately that’s the way it works, At first, i though it was a similar problem to that of adding a composer that is not in your collection; Roon refuses to identify the person even if very well known - Roon would say it doesn’t know for sure which one I might mean.
However, in this case there is a hyperlink already set up, just waiting to be activated, so I can’t really see why it doesn’t show up.

So perhaps this ought to be a feature request.

My question is

is this a bug, a limitation or a feature?


Apparently Roon can show Tidal’s metadata but cannot use it for your local library. I have unidentified cd’s in my local collection which are on Tidal with matching artistnames, albumnames and total tracksnumber.

Strange. That’s not true in my case, although I sometimes (not always) have to resort to identifying manually.
Can you give an example?

In my view it’s a limitation.

Not a bug as it’s simply the way it works at the moment as things have to be in your library.

Not a feature as ideally it would work the way are are suggesting.

A limitation as it would be quite difficult to incorporate links to everything out there.

Beats me @Dick_Vliek.
I see there’s not a lot of metadata, but nevertheless, the album exists.
When you manually identify do no options come up?
Perhaps move it to the metadata thread and ask there.

Nope, tried that. Roon cant even find the artist…
But as long as Roon takes my tags from the files and i can find it in Roon, i’m not to bothered about it.

40 out of 2700 albums are unidentified, still a very decent score.

Strange that it is shown as “unidentified” in your Roon. I’ve just added it from Tidal, and it’s there (released 6 October 2017).

Yes that works, but i bought the album and its in my local library

I can find “I am oak” on Roon

So, did you try and identify it in Roon?

Yes thats what i said, i can search and find the unidentified album in Roon (its local files)

Yes, roon cant even find the artist

Is this a region issue?

Oh no, you say the Tidal app finds it…