WalkThrough for backing up Roon Database?

Can someone with a little more skillz than me draw up some guidelines for backing up my RoonDatabase, and restoring it if needs must. In my case the Roon DB is located on a SSD drive in one of the slots on my QNAP.



Have a read of:
FAQ: How do I backup my Roon database?
FAQ: How do I move my Roon database to a new computer and preserve my edits, playlists, and favorites?


Thanks for the links @Carl
I have seen those, but was wondering if it was as simple as copying the RoonServer folder from my SSD (on the QNAP, with the Roon server shut down) to a suitable backup drive?
Or do i have to SSH into the shell to gather all files necessary?

You don’t need ssh at all. RoonServer on QNAP(/Synology) stores the database in the “RoonServer” share that has been created in order to install/run it. You can simply access it over smb/afp. You will find the “RoonServer” and “RAATServer” folder in this share.
RoonServer should be stopped when backing up your database.

The database does not include your media/music files. If they should be backed up, too you need copy them too. :wink:

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Thanks @crieke , i was editing my post as i just figured this out!
Then it should be easy, i’ll try later!

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