Want a Roon server (core) with spdif output, a one box solution to my DAC

You can build one with SPDIF & USB outputs using a mini ITX board, but AES/EBU can be hard to get by unless you are able to get an audio board with one (professional audio boards have but I haven’t seen one yet - I would believe they are there).

I am about to build one using my old Wadia CDP case and will share here once I have it.

Elac Discovery! Works very well :+1:

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S/PDIF is also a digital communications protocol, and you have to convert to and from it on each of the computers you use, so you aren’t actually eliminating “the conversions”, just changing them. Might as well just use USB, if that’s the “problem” you are trying to fix.

I’ve already said I don’t have a USB input option, nor do I want one

I don’t see where it is a Roon server, I only see endpoint on their web site

To all , I appreciate the advice, but I’m not really looking to debate the merits of USB or server-endpoint vs. one box or anything else. I’m just looking for options for a Roon server that has coaxial spdif and/or AES output just like the subject of the thread

Actually, you haven’t said what DAC you have, or what inputs it has. I was just trying to clear up the apparent misconception about protocol conversions. Apologies.

if you add an endpoint instead of spdif from the server… then the server has to take the data and convert to ethernet, send through switches/routers to the endpoint, endpoint has to take the output of the server convert it something the computer in the endpoint can handle, then convert it to spdif the DAC can handle… definitely more processing/conversions.

some will say so what, same data so no issue. however, if that is true then thousands of people are wasting millions of dollars on high end servers and cables since they all deliver the same data… from a $100 Raspberry Pi to a $26,000 Taiko Extreme… same data

I want simple… I want one box… server >>> coaxial spdif or AES >>>> DAC

Build a pc seems to be the consensus. You may not care for the outcome but that’s another thing…

How about a USB to Spidf convertor like the https://lnx.m2tech.biz/products/pens/hiface-two/ ?

thanks but I don’t see how I could be any more clear

looking for a ONE box solution , no extra cables, no extra boxes

I want simple… I want one box… server >>> coaxial spdif or AES >>>> DAC

I would encourage you to contact Salk. They are a custom builder and maybe able to offer exactly what you want. They did for me and I’ve been happy with it’s performance.

looks interesting, I don’t see where they use the word “server” but it looks like they are from the screen shots … I’ll contact them

thanks a lot

I must admit I’m not sure what’s exactly meant by a “streamer”.

Both Roon and my local library is on my Salkstream III. I control it with my phone and tablet. It’s connected to my older Anthem AVM20 pre pro via optical spdif, and to my Oppo 103 via HDMI.

Like you, I didn’t want multiple boxes and the Salkstream III fit the bill.

It’s a LOT of compute power and storage for a streamer, particularly the high end models :wink:

I’m more a DIY guy but if I wasn’t, they look nice…

So it’s actually running your Roon Core? It’s not just Roon-Ready? Cool. And has an S/PDIF card option, as well.

Yes, it’s running my Roon “core”. It also stores my local music files.

Roon’s recent announcement regarding Roon Ready devices that haven’t completed certification had me confused about how it might apply to the Salkstream III, so I asked Jim Salk for clarification. Here is his response.

“ Sorry for the slow response, but I just wanted to confirm with Roon before I did.

There will be no issues with StreamPlayer Gen III or Gen III SE working with Roon.

There has been a change in what is considered “Roon Ready.” It now mainly concerns units that serve as Roon endpoints. Those must be certified.

We supplied a StreamPlayer to Roon for testing when we started installing Roon by default. The technical description now should be that a StreamPlayer is a “Roon Core” device. Roon will continue to support the StreamPlayer as a Roon Core device.

So there are no worries.”

Build your own PC with a coax spdif card.


I was not able to find an acceptable one box solution for my high resolution system. I use a NUC as the Roon endpoint and a Singxer SU-1 USB to SPDIF/AES converter http://www.singxer.com/pd.jsp?id=19

I used this configuration primarily to minimize pulse stream jitter on the SPDIF data stream. There may have been a noise isolation benefit but the low jitter output of the Singxer is the main reason for using the two box solution. The SU-1 is very reasonably priced: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Singxer-SU-1-XMOS-XU208-USB-Digital-interface-CPLD-DSD256-DOP-Black-color/182350525718?epid=2288615132&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item2a74f03516:g:cesAAOSwA3dYJaTL&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACYBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickk8Fd9si%2FIbtWQr%2BhnlRwjDSHscaqLFyYSg4xxtxJnzDsB%2BzDCnU4ebdppHX9fU3FqkLXV2al6PqqMIYBqBXC1UtTjgWaBKG0I2tcLwXxtUcZjubQGUqpf0xmFGdvYRNgdHgtQ1%2FnCovIJ0Ish5IwseUgysdTQvWdeM32LaXUJnIPtgbAkyp6Vs34ELclBbKngLS9lRgJRHe6HRhQYkYcw%2Fc6sdfYMHxS%2BhBL9II4zcpLC2yZlq%2BK%2FUIf1%2B18Nxp7HWDZLvHBnvyHbLJ7mO9a5U31apYieDVIwLik2MJqodq7p05zepvV%2B%2BgyaGuh6iWSIvyBYpwURFdxk58crUMVV3rk%2B%2F%2BnL6GmqBNtcGzWmOLArwZxYlUFFtnn350X9Rq0Dn63a%2BT2U4zUs8hwVjHlW%2BJ5i14s24T%2B7Knz3t81DHMwUzDSA%2BocptRiJiA0gV%2F7saTzK%2FT5hBNYl96S9dbERl%2FVsCnThRE99To5BNy5Lfjc281u94yS%2BwRB1EntYOTUMi9dj6yRedka5N5DYFaSwsVtPGGViN0tzsEshVXQbgdWNQu%2BT69NzLtBkZAKW6wwpVogT%2Bqd5No1PPanoZ5hITQHu17W0usVZkchJPmYV%2FW3v9DmrNjTqd0EDIFN3PuCqKRfz9A10pilNNY4Kdzr6zCzrG0zn2%2B%2FsRTvZgffhb0kmJcn8mOxv0cPKxQ08fodMQ9D2YEu1%2BSapC3dT1Go7k2XvFVH4s5PskzpW9JUxKZmk0NayNl68bFKK8KCWOd2H|cksum%3A18235052571881ff46b0e11a4dc1a8d721f02c0977d4|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524

I know that you were looking for a one box solution but for a modest investment you can try a very pleasing bridge solution.

Good Luck.

In many cases, this is 100% correct. many dollars wasted.


Yep. That does indeed seem to be the case.

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Those that buy the Taiko Extreme are the poster children for this case.

Anyone who touts the Taiko as some ultimate sonic experience is just showing their ignorance about Roon requirements and about hardware.

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