Want more data mining of my own library

Originally I included the two big time hogs MQA and ARC in my mini diatribe but stuck it as to not ruffle feathers…

History has now shown with proper technical analysis that MQA was a farce from the get go dreamed up to generate revenue for the licensors and NOT create an authenticated chain of custody. Lost time and energy.

ARC - I agree. Many people made lots of noise about having this feature but others have been doing it very well for quite some time. This also distracted from the core of Roon.

I want an enhanced listening experience, at home, in my space. Music curation is fundamental to these ‘new’ experiences aka audio journeys. Yes, HiFi is important too alas I pump Roon audio flux through HQPlayer to NAA which sounds to me much more coherent than Roon to Bridge (I forgot the name, it’s been years since I tried it).

I own lifetime so I don’t intend on bailing on Roon. I’m optimistic that some ‘enhanced listening experience’ will find its way into the future feature set.

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This is a huge lost opportunity for Roon. Maybe @DrCWO will build a smart music extension that can us an external database of moods or whatever. Spotify does huge work in this area, but I don’t know of course how they use it. See for example https://everynoise.com which is from Spotify. There is so much data out there of genres and moods etc.


Thank you for posting this.

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