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I want Roon to recognize three different folders in my music library. GRATEFUL DEAD DICK’S PICKS and GRATEFUL DEAD DAVE’S PICKS, all end up as one Roon Artist -GRATEFUL DEAD. They’re separated in my Music Library, but Roon combines them? How do I get Roon to recognize them as separate. Thanks,

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

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You could just edit the artists names within Roon. I do this for all soundtracks.

I’m not sure that solves my problem, I want Roon to recognize the folders as separate. The albums are in each folder, but Roon puts them all in the Grateful Dead folder (except Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers). The Aoxomoxoa album is in the Grateful Dead folder. The Grateful Dead Dave’s Picks Vol. 1 is in the Grateful Dead Dave’s Picks folder. Roon considers them all to be in the Grateful Dead folder. The Dick’s Picks and Dave’s Picks folders don’t exist in Roon. Is there a way to have Roon separate them?

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This will help you, especially the discussion of ROONALBUMTAG. You’ll need an external tag editor, though, such as for Mac.

I’ve been using Tag Editor for Mac. Which tag does Roon use to identify the Artist?

I’d suggest you don’t change artist tags, but rather add a ROONALBUMTAG with the folder name to each album track in that folder. For instance, I have a ROONALBUMTAG of “Bandcamp” for all the album (tracks) I get from Bandcamp, which allows me to focus on just Bandcamp downloads if I want to.

Anyway, here’s which tags Roon uses for artists, etc.

Hey now @Matt_Driscoll

I’m always happy to help another Dead fan through a jam. My apologies for not seeing this until now.

The easiest thing to do to achieve what you want is to remove your Dead - Dicks & Daves Picks folders from that music folder and add them as separate watched folders.

Add Dick’s Picks as its own watched folder. And do the same for the Dave’s Picks folder.

Then when you want to see just your Dave’s Picks albums you’ll Focus your library by Storage Location>Dave’s Picks. From there you can create a Dave’s Picks and Dick’s Picks bookmark to make accessing them even faster.

Even better, when you add the albums in next year’s Dave’s subscription to the folder they’ll automatically be added to the bookmarked selections.

Funko Pop! Jerry thinks this is a cool idea also!

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