Want to get Roon is Nucleus my best bet

Sorry, I misunderstood. My Roon Core on the ROCK is set to backup to my NAS. In this case Roon writes that backup to the network drive.
Odd, but I can’t get the network drive to pull the music off the ROCK. Maybe a more advanced Synology user will have another solution.

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See this one by @guerph Video tutorial on how to backup network share to Synology NAS
I found you need to change the permissions of the destination folder according to this:
Works fine now. Thank you @guerph !

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Are these issues of slowness in 1.6 being experienced by you Nucleus owners in this thread? I read some concerning reports on some other threads.

There is a issue that affects some people in 1.6 related to the “now playing” screen. It is a Roon issue, and if you are affected, it will affect every machine that Roon runs on.

Nucleus is not immune, nor is it the cause.

Next release of Roon software will have it addressed.

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Yep, it has slowed down some, but I hope it can be fixed.

OK I’m going for it, I’m sure it’s gonna be great and this community is great with answering questions. Looking forward to this.


This is the answer from Synology helpdesk (I’m using DS 216j):

“”””””Thank you for contacting Synology support.

Sorry to learn of the issue that you are experiencing.

I am afraid that this is not possible, not with anything that is on the Synology itself at least. If you had a unit that could use Active Backup for Business, you could use this, but sadly it is not supported on your device.

If there is software for the music server that will allow you to back up to another device, you could perhaps use this, however I am unsure if any software like this exists.

Apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause but hopefully this helps”””””

So can’t see how to backup music files unless a 3rd part unit is involved, and this would make it a long lasting job with 10.000 CD’s stored on a Nucleus internal hhd I guess!

Sorry to hear that. I will say that Acronis does a good job and it’s very easy to use. With that much music, you really need to do this, of course.
FWIW, ActiveBackup isn’t fast either. You might be able to speed the process up a little if you have an ethernet port on the computer you are using to run the backup.

If you put all this music on the internal hdd of the NUC, was it all on the NAS for starters? Does this give you any options?

If I get an internal SSD (should I bother? ) I’m a bit confused how I will get the files from my 4TB USB drive which is a backup of my whole collection at this point. All my other stuff burned up so I need to back up this drive ASAP. Would I be better off to just get a SSD drive install in the Nucleus that I am getting or just get another USB drive and make a copy of what I have on the current one now for backup?

Also does the Ethernet cord that feeds the Nucleus from the router make a difference to the sound? What about the USB cords that feed the hard drives? I have an Audioquest Diamond USB cord that I use to feed my current USB DAC and I felt that to be a worthwhile improvement. I would use that cord to feed my DAC from the Nucleus until I get a new DAC, probably a DCS Rossini or Bartok that will have an ethernet connection possibility

Personally, I’d get the internal SSD. But I only needed a 1TB drive so that wasn’t very expensive. If you need 4TB it could get pricey.
Everybody is different about risk, but I would back that 4TB USB drive up to something today. After what you have been through, you can’t afford to lose that. If you don’t have any other large drive at home, you could always back it up to the cloud (Google, Amazon, there are a bunch of options). There would be a cost, but if you are only doing it for a month or two it’s not too much. If you are going to use that drive attached to the Nucleus, you have to back it up anyway.
WHEN you get the Nucleus, putting your music on it is pretty easy. If you use your drive plugged in to the Nucleus, you select it and it will get scanned by Roon. If you get the internal drive you can move the music files from your USB drive (attached to your PC) to your ROCK internal storage via drag and drop. It will take a long time, but it’s easy.
Setting these things up is really pretty easy. Don’t let that be a deterrent. If you run into snags the Community here will help.
I’m not getting into the cord thing, especially ethernet cable. If you are using a DAC with an ethernet connection it matters even less.

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Get another USB drive RIGHT NOW and copy the drive.
Then you can talk about Roon.
Costs peanuts:


2nd vote for the WD Elements.

You should still get cloud backup.
On-premises backup is still vulnerable to fire (!), water damage, earthquake and theft. (My son lives in LA, the fire consumed his back yard but spared his house, and then he was burgled a few months later.)

But the initial upload to the cloud takes months for 4 TB, independent of you network connection, the backup services typically throttle uploads. So that’s not a near-term solution.

Months? I backed up 1,5TB in 2 days to Backblaze.

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Thanks for the valid input.

Use an Imac air so has to go down the wifi route. Drag and drop works, but 1TB took approx. 24hours, so still a week to go or so!

Will try to install the Acronics afterwards to ensure a constant match copying between my Nucleus and Synology NAS.

Anyone with a Mac should learn to use “rsync” in the terminal for manual backups. Its extremely easy, reliable and free. Only the first backup takes forever, subsequent backups just save the changes. For example:

rsync -av --exclude=".*" /Volumes/Data/Storage/InternalStorage/* /Volumes/LaCie1

The source (/Volumes/Data/Storage/InternalStorage/*) and destination (/Volumes/LaCie1) can be drag-dropped into the terminal window from the desktop in succession, after the command. The exclude bit makes it ignore hidden files.

Sounds very interesting, never heard about this option before.

In my case

  1. My MAC is allready copying since last night using “drag and drop”, is it possible to use “rsync” in future to copy changes only, or would I need to start with a full fresh “rsync” backup?

  2. to be sure, since I dont understand these “IT words”, would I have to give command in terminal like this: rsync -av --exclude="." /NUCLEUSPLUS/Data/Storage/InternalStorage/music/ /DS216j/Music/Backup Roon Music? I assume, “volumes” is the name of source, but you also mentioned “can be drag-dropped into the terminal window from the desktop in succession, after the command” , how to understand this?

  1. Yes, rsync would only copy the changes, after the initial run.
  2. Open terminal:
  • type rsync -av
  • drag-drop in the source directory, the command line will look something like: rsync -av /Volumes/Data/Storage/InternalStorage/
  • drag-drop in the destination directory, the command line will look something like:
    rsync -av /Volumes/Data/Storage/InternalStorage/ /Volumes/DS216j/Music/Backup
  • press enter!

Both the source and destination folders (drives) must obviously be visible in the finder in order to drag-drop them into the command. If you want to interrupt it, press ctrl-c. Start by testing with a small subdirectory to find your feet. There are lots of more detailed rsync tutorials online.

btw, 4tb ssd just got much cheaper…

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