Wanted: NUC w/ ROCK [Found]

If you have an already assembled and working NUC with ROCK installed, please let me know.

I am located in US, Northern Virginia (DC suburbs).

I am flexible, but requirements include:

8 gb of RAM or more
SSD installed for ROCK OS
ROCK installed
i5 or i7
Works out of box


Why not just get a Nucleus?

It is not out yet. I think August is the launch date

nucleus plays all codecs?

Are you in search of a good deal on a NUC with ROCK? Or do you just want one that is preassembled? On the latter count, I am sure that members of the community here would be willing to help for little, if any cost.


Either way would work. I am just not handy with putting together computer parts.

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I might be able to assist as I’m looking at building one for my own use and a few for sale…I will send you a PM.

Please lock the thread. I took care of it. Thanks