Was Anyone Hoping that CD Ripping Would Be the Next Feature Enhancement?

I have been doing it this way for 10 years last 6 using cdparanoia as it’s part of Vortexbox. I think I can handle it. Prey do tell how it can alter the sound of a recording in non obvious ways though. I have had few bad rips all where very obvious.

Anyone that has experience with cdparanoia will know that it’s a great ripper and that it’ll often be able to rip CD’s using drives that other software will fail with. It’s designed with accuracy and robustness in mind. If it’s not reported an error you can be sure it got the audio stream of the disc intact. I presume the team at Roon are more than smart enough to ensure that if paranoia reports an uncorrected error or questionable rip it is aborted.


From the Paranoia FAQ:

Can cdparanoia detect pregaps? Can it remove the two second gaps between tracks?
Not yet. This feature is slated to appear in Paranoia IV.

Does this mean ripping with Roon can not do gapless?

No, it does gapless just fine.

Yep gapless is fine never had an issue with it in 6 years.

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Well, there’s nothing else wrong with Roon I guess so they have plenty of time to waste. Personally I fail to see how they’re going to make their product as good as Exact Audio Copy which is free and will rip just about anything and perform brilliant error correction, it’s taken them years to make it as good as it is but I guess Roon will just romp it in.

Personally I wish they’d fix that crap that they call library management, or lack there of…


I agree. A colossal waste of resources…even if it took one person a week to do it. The last thing they need to do was provide a ripping function. Especially when it is so rudimentary.


No, I wasn’t hoping the CD ripping would be the next feature, mind you I wasn’t hoping that my 4 year old son would be taken to hospital by the paramedics last night because his temperature was so high that he was hallucinating, vomiting, screaming and sleepwalking all at once. Over 200 people have died this year in Australia from influenza related symptoms, over 80 of them in South Australia alone, the last was a 13 year old girl.

In fact I don’t sit there and hope for anything with Roon apart from that it works and plays my music, which is what it was supposed to do when I first subscribed, I don’t have the time.

Who knows how long Danny had been working on this feature, I seem to remember him mentioning at least a year ago in a thread where users were asking for a CD ripper. Maybe it’s something he was doing in between working on larger projects. I can’t see how you can say it’s a colossal waste of resources without knowing what Roon are working on at any one time.

I’m flabbergasted at all the complaining over a tiny feature upgrade to Rock/Nucleus users, it adds value to the product after all. Yes, Roon is expensive and you have the right to give feedback, this just feels like, privileged middle aged men/women, who have way too much time on their hands and no perspective outside of their own little world, moaning. I really don’t understand why any of you would pay for a product that you spend so much of your precious time complaining about. Take your money elsewhere, I would/will if Roon stops doing what I need it to do.


What’s next? More Rock specific features and eventually Nucleus only features with the goal of making us buy hardware from Roon if we want Roon at its best?

Oh no, that wasn’t entirely my point.

EAC is anything but rudimentary. It maintains a database of ‘checksums’ for particular albums so that when you rip an album they have on file it ‘calibrates’ the drive you’re ripping with and it does iterative reads to get the data as exact as possible. The reads are very advanced and are very valuable for scratched CDs where the normal read might be compromised on standard playback.

Now if they just did a plug-in for EAC or something similar it might be worth the effort but to waste time doing this when other things are more important seems a bit silly.

That’s exactly what they did, use the Linux world’s long-established gold standard cd ripping library. Wish you guys would take the time to edify yourselves before mouthing off shooting from the hip.


I hope Roon don’t go that way, do you really think they would? The entire ethos behind the software is multi-platform. I imagine they would lose the majority of their user base if they did. I can’t see that happening, it’s already a niche product.

Who know’s, apart from Roon.

Cdparanoia is one the oldest rippers on Linux and used as the base for a lot of ripping hardware including Vortexbox machines and likely Sonic Transporters. It’s far from crap and has had years and years of development and also has different modes of ripping , Roon has chosen the one that does the most stringent one There is more to life than windows and Mac’s for ripping.

This is a ridiculous statement.It’s a part of the Roon ecosystem, it’s free and you have a choice to use it or not why should it be left with no development because some of you don’t use it.


Isn’t this where the Roon team started out with Sooloos? You think that they want to go back to that?

Best wishes to your son, hope he is doing well.


I think it is great that I now have a fallback for CD ripping. Bravo Roon!

Thanks, the doctor at the children’s hospital gave him an anti-nausea tablet and put him straight on Tamiflu, which has had a remarkable effect, you wouldn’t know he was sick today apart from the fact he is extremely irritable.

What terrifies my wife and I now is our 10 month old son catching it. He has been suffering from bronchiolitis for over 6 weeks (his second bout in the 10 months since he was born) and does not sleep at night as he can’t breathe properly.


Best wishes for a rapid recovery. How terrifying. I’m sure your doctors at the children’s hospital will be able to address your understandable concerns for your young son.
This stuff puts all the Roon comments into proper perspective.
@58LesPaul, I was back in my old home town, Waukesha Wisconsin over the weekend. Found myself on Les Paul drive. Waukesha is the former home of this musical instrument genius!