Was Chrome affecting ROON? I've switched to Firefox and everything OK again

The mysteries of Microsoft continue to baffle. Some sites on the PC (Windows 7 64 bit) were painfully slow to load, the Auralic G1 bridge seemed to be offline (hard wired, not wireless), the iPad refused to handle ROON despite resets and re-installations of the APP … this whole situation was VERY frustrating…

So I bit the bullet, uninstalled Chrome and switched to Firefox - hey presto, sites Chrome struggled to access, were suddenly instantly found.

So to the Auralic G1 - everything disconnected and it tipped upside down to find the reset button. This failed because there was no such button. But on reconnecting and firing up again - ROON appeared magically on the iPad and behaved as expected on this PC.

So I’m posting this with the question about whether or not you PC gurus think all of the ROON problems were sheer coincidence OR would the obvious choking up of the system because of Chrome have affected ROON? Note I had been careful to remove excess junk in the system via System Mechanic and that program determined the system was "GOOD: - but it was not!!

As a postscript this PC is about to be changed for a new one with the latest AMD chip on board and will have Windows 10 installed but it does now seem my cursing of this ASUS Z87 PRO unit was unfounded because the problems appear to track back to Chrome. But until now I’ve never though that Chrome would affect ROON but it does seem that the mysterious problems caused by Chrome did end up sabotaging ROON’s operation - but then maybe it was coincidence?

I am not sure; but, I’d be curious as to how Chrome interfered. Unless their background update checks were causing some issue.
I do not install Chrome on any of my windows based PCs at home.

I run my core on a ROCK powered machine but I have Chrome as an option on my iPad and the Windows laptop I use as a remote when moving files around. It seems to work OK for me.

Sounds odd, I have Windows 10, all current updates, Chrome has been my browser for years with no issues

I have it also on my iPad and Samsung tablets

I run Roon with no issues at all

The PC is a bog std desktop, i7 16gb ram nothing special

I think it’s more likely that this software messed something up on your system than Chrome. A reinstall of Chrome might have cured up the system as well as the installation of Firefox did. But this is of course all pure speculation.

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Thanks for the responses. However I’m now thinking that the problems I’m having are much deeper than due to Chrome and am possibly being unfair in blaming it as the PC is sometimes still crashing without provocation. That said, I’m not sorry to have switched to Firefox.

Repairing this sort of PC dilemma is usually not worth attempting so a complete re-installation (or installing an earlier backup) is usually the best answer. However the new PC is only a few weeks away (being brought here from the US by my PC literate son) so I’ll live with the current set up despite the frustration of sometimes finding ROON unavailable because of a PC crash.

Henry, Apple requires all iPad browsers use webkit, so they’re essentially the same in terms of rendering.

Still trying to get the native browser to do stuff like translate websites on the fly though…