Was it worth switching to an LPS from the wall wart that came with your Nucleus?

For those of you who have switched from the wall wart that was included with the Nucleus, to a linear power supply, was it worth the cost and trouble?

Is it a change you would recommend?

My core is a Nucleus Rev. B and it’s feeding a DirectStream DAC.

Save your money. NUC’s have onboard switching regulators, a LPS doesn’t circumvent this. If your endpoints are network connected (not USB), they’re also galvanically isolated.


Under some circumstances, such as if you have other equipment that is sensitive to the switched PSU of the NUC/Nucleus, yes. If you have well constructed equipment, the differences are miniscule regarding sound quality (My experience and opinion)

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I have an inexpensive 12v 5a Zero Zone powering my NUC. No idea if it makes a difference as I already had it and not being used so figured why not. Running steady a couple of years now. What has made a huge difference lately was the addition of a couple of AQ AC iPurifiers to the server closet. It’s very busy sharing it with all the network gear and computer gear in the office. So best getting the Nucleus away from the hifi circuits, and cleaning up the power (plus the AQ offers surge protection).

Im not an AQ salesperson! but I do have a third one coming today for the opticalRendu line. It’s a dedicated circuit so I don’t expect too much improvement but at the very least it will offer some surge protection (had a power supply fry from a downed line last year). IMO probably the best $99 you can spend in hifi today.

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Thanks for your response. I think I’m OK in terms of the power that’s feeding my gear. I also have a dedicated line and it’s connected to my P3 Regenerator. The wall wart that came with my Nucleus is plugged into the P3. I’m just not sure it there would be much benefit replacing that P/S with a linear one. Judging by the first two responses to this thread though, I’m thinking now that it would be a waste of money.