Was working & Suddenly Roon 1.8 won't load

Core Machine

High Sierra, iMac i7 32GB Ram

Network Details

I don’t see this as a network issue. Network appears fine, and no changes. Other net functions fine.

Audio Devices

PS-Audio Directstream, but hey, it’s not even booting, so it’s

Description Of Issue

Internet is working, no changes, but suddenly Roon won’t fully load. No error messages.
Just keeps looking like it’s loading, but nada on completion of Boot.

The PSAUDIO Directstream is on the network, and fully recocognized including the ethernet bridge connection. The problem is with Roon. Roon is not even loading. it’s not even giving an error message. It has worked fine without any issues for quite a long while, and since I upgraded to 1.8, which was back when it first came out. So that is why I don’t believe it has anything to do with the network or the the audio devices.

The Roon window opens and right in the center there is the animated icon which actually shows that Roon is trying to load. When I say that it doesn’t load, I mean that it doesn’t fully load. The animated logo moves so that the half circle is there and the vertical lines are animated so that they move. This process of loading and bringing up Roon started taking longer to fully load … and get to the point where it was fully loaded and Roon started … this started taking a little longer once I upped to Roon 1.8, but it would only take about ten seconds or so to complete and have Roon actually finish loading and come up so that I could play music. NOW, the problem (which I poorly described, I guess, as not loading) is that the icon comes up and the vertical lines move … (which I regarded as telling me it loading) just continues and I never get to the point where software is fully loaded and Roon starts. I am stuck there. I can wait an hour, and nothing beyond that. I don’t get any error messages, nothing. Just stuck there watching the black icon in the middle of the Roon Window with that vertical lines moving … showing that the program is trying to load. This is new. The 1.8 worked perfectly before this started. I didn’t change anything, I didn’t upgrade my OS. I didn’t add any new hardware. I have checked the drive where the music is; it’s recognized, and I can even see that the drive is being accessed when Roon is trying to finish loading. I can see the network is working, and if I look at the DirectStream DAC, I can see that it is recognized on the network from looking at the front panel of the DAC where the network bridge sees the network is showing ready. The problem is that the Roon doesn’t fully get to the point where I get Roon past the icon into the program itself.

Is it still not clear that I am asking for help on what I should do? This is not a complaint. This post is a request to Tech Support for help on what to do to fix this issue.

The Support queue is long at the moment. A member of the Support team will respond to your request, but it will not be until after the weekend at the very earliest.

That is very useful to know. Thank you for replying.

I have the same problem on my Windows 10 pc. Roon gets “stuck” loading. Have tried restart. Have tried reinstalling Roon Core. It won’t load.

Rather than add a “me too” post to this Support thread, your best option is to open a new Support request and give full details of your setup as described here. Thanks.

Hi Richard,
do you keep backups of your Roon database?
If so, you could try and delete your current DB and try and restore a working one?
I assume it’s the database that has gone corrupt for whatever reason.

Thanks, Mikal. I have a backup from April, yes. I thought that restoring the backup could only be done from within Roon. Am I wrong about that? In my case, I can’t access and restore the database from within Roon because Roon won’t fully load.

Actually, I was wrong. My backup was made March 14. But again, having searched for Roon Database backup and restoring the database, all the instructions i see imply that I have be already in Roon to restore the backup. So, when I first wrote to support with this issue, I was supposing the fix included the following:
Unhide the Library on the Mac, Find the Roon folder. Rename the folder to Roon-old. Reinstall a new Roon Folder afresh. Restore the backup from inside Roon.

That’s what I thought I needed to do. But, because I wasn’t positive what to do, I wrote to support this past week to ask what to do.

Your comment is appreciated, of course. I just haven’t found a procedure that says that the database backup can be restored outside of being in Roon, and therefore, your advice to replace the database doesn’t “compute.”

Mikael, Just delete the current database? I gather that you were implying that if I remove the corrupt database, it might then allow me to get Roon to start at which point, I could then, from inside Roon, install the backup. Correct?

The reason this didn’t occur to me to do this was because in an earlier version of Roon, when there was corruption of the database, I got an error message telling me the database was corrupt. That didn’t happen this time with the 1.8 software … for whatever reason.

Yes, spot on! That was my idea.

For Windows try reinstalling your video driver, last weeks Windows update may have overwritten it

Sounds odd but worth a try

I tried reinstalling the video driver a couple times. Going through “restart” and turning computer off and on. It didn’t work.

I should add that the video card is an Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080. I also tried updating it’s drivers directly from the Nvidia website. It didn’t help and Roon still won’t load.

The computer I’m using is about a month old. Roon worked fine until a couple of days ago.

Sorry for the trouble here, @Richard_Levy, and thanks for your patience over the weekend.

Would you kindly use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service)? Thanks!

I deleted the database. When I started Roon, it asked me to either Choose a Roon core, or setup up a Roon Core … on this Mac.

I selected “Find my Roon Core”/ It gives me the logo wot the alternating pulsing horizontal lines to indicate that it is looking for it. But much the same as when I was just trying to load Roon earlier, it is still trying to load and that is continuing. I think it’s been about ten minutes now, and nothing has loaded. How long before I should give up and consider it stalled in the process?

There are two TB of music on the SSD drive.

I would if I could figure out how to see that folder inside the Roon Folder while still in Dropbox. I don’t see how to do that. I read the instructions, but it’s not clear how to do that. I can see the Roon log folder. But how do I get Drop box to see it. I can only get to it when unhiding the Library folder by using “GO/option” and I don’t have that access when in dropbox. For experienced users, it must be simple. For someone who doesn’t use Dropbox very often, it seems like I am missing one step to be be able to unhide Roon folder and click on the log folder.

This is what you should be doing? Your Core was on the iMac as you stated in the first post, right? And it was on the iMac you deleted the database?
If those statements are correct, you should set up a new Core on your iMac, as before.