Watched folder and Tidal favourites contents gone

Just lost both my watched content libraries.

I was listening to a Tidal playlist, hit ‘add to library’ as that seems to be the only way to ’ heart it’, did not see much happening, went to the overview screen (to see newly added content and ‘heart it’ there) and only saw that new Tidal album.
My watched libraries were gone.

When I disable\enable I see Roon do a count, but I do not see my music come back.
Removed them and re-added, still no music.

Rebooted, closed all remote clients and received a ‘No artist found in your library’ message. Now also the 1 tidal album is gone.

My nas is still up and I can access the files remotely and disable\enable\create of watched folders shows a record count (and otherwise my Tidal albums should at least be there).
My Tidal section still shows my favourites, but my Albums section doesn’t show any Tidal albums (I resynched my Tidal account, no joy).

Any suggestions?

I see lots of ‘[music/library] failed to retain missing track’ messages in the log file…

Hey @rovinggecko – I’d like to get some more information here, so we can figure out what’s going on. I’ll PM you soon.

Sorry for the trouble!

Thanks! I know you guys are going full throttle, but you beat my expectations by a long shot with such a fast response on a Saturday evening :smile:.

And… back up and running!

Thanks @mike & @brian for spiffing up my Roon setup!

Its nicely humming away now…

Hi @mike, this happened to me now…
It didn’t happen out of the blue. Earlier I was having trouble when Roon didn’t add an album I ripped from CD and placed in my watched folder. I tried moving things around, restarted Roon a few times (during which entire artists disappeared and then reappeared) and finally at some point after a restart my entire library disappeared.
Can you please help me restore it? I’m afraid to create any more damage…


Yup – stand by.

Hi Everybody
First post really enjoying the software.
I had this same problem happen to me last night when I opened roon everything gone . Tried a few things including what was outlined above. In the end I set up two new watched folders which had a lot of the same files that were in my original folder. When the scans of the new folders were completed I disabled and enabled the original folder and the music reappeared including all playlists and tidal albums ( I would have hated doing the playlists again).
It seems this may have the potential to be a widespread problem.
Just a quick suggestion I have read quite a few threads asking for support help but sometimes you guys don’t outline the outcome of the support question it would be great to know the answers.

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I’m having the same problem. Seems to be a few users have reported their library suddenly going missing. What’s the best way to restore it please? Thanks.

@Mac AND @ctbarr – sorry for the trouble here. There’s no need to delete or reinstall Roon, unless you haven’t made any changes to your library you want to preserve. Deleting your install will remove all play counts, play history, favorites, edits and play lists, so we consider this to be an option of last resort.

We are aware of some database corruption issues with the current release on Windows, and we have a fix. This kind of corruption will no longer be possible starting with our next release, and we have an internal tool that should fix your install and get you back to normal.

@Mac AND @ctbarr – if the data I mentioned above doesn’t exist in your installs, you can go ahead and do a full uninstall and start from scratch, but if you’ve generated anything in your install you’d like to preserve, please send me a PM and I’ll make sure we get the issues in your install fixed.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!

I have around 2500 albums on NAS and created extensive collection from TIDAl. After Roon crashed it cannot find anything from NAS or TIDAL. It claims that it is watching NAS folder and when starting claiming it scans everything, but library is empty. Syncs with TIDAL happily but the user interface displays empty library. Very unfortunate.

Windows 8.1 latest updates applied today, CAPS based server, with Gigabyte mobü, Intel 4770S CPU, Samsung 840 Pro 250 GB HD. Everything else works like Jriver, Tidal et al.

Hi @somppe – sorry for the trouble here. I think we should be able to help. Can you read over my post above, and then we can get you up and running?


Hi Mike

Thanks for the feedback . As I pointed out in my post in the other thread I didn’t do reinstall of Roon as I didn’t want to lose my playlists if I could help it .As people have pointed out what was confusing was Roon was saying it was watching my music folder but nothing was appearing. In the end by trying a few different things Roon was able to rescan the original folder and present the original data…


Ok @Mac, thanks for letting us know. Please send me a PM if you have any other issues.

@somppe – let me know if I can help. Thanks!