Watched Folder not Importing New Albums from NAS

Roon is not bringing in new albums from my watched folder (iTunes folder on NAS). The files are in the iTunes music folder but not showing up in Roon. I’ve stopped and restarted Roon, turned on Windows File Service and indicated SMB3 in my NAS, disabled afp in the NAS, but it still will not find new albums.

Set up:
Computer: MB Pro, Mid 2009, 4gb Ram.
NAS: Synology DS213
Router: Airport Basestation
Connections: Wired, ethernet
Roon: v1, Build 30


Just out of curiosity, if you quit Roon and re start does it locate and add the new albums?

On the initial setup did it bring in all albums from your iTunes folder on the NAS?

Have you changed anything since your initial setup?

Thanks for replying. No, quitting Roon does not locate the new albums. It did bring in most albums on the initial start up (some it did not identify). The only thing different from the initial set up is that Windows File Service with SMB3 is now active in the Synology NAS. I had to turn Mac File Service back on (different than above post) because of difficulty with software finding the NAS.


It is good you have SMB3 active. I am running my Roon Core with my Synology NAS using just Windows File services, I have disabled AFP. But as you noted, the latter should not make a difference. Hopefully someone from Roon ( @mike ) will come along shortly to assist.


Is your storage setup a Watched Folder (that happens to be your iTunes folder), or are you using Roon’s ITunes Music Library watching feature?

I know that seems like a subtle distinction, but it’s important to know whether you’re watching a folder called “iTunes Music”, or actually watching iTunes itself.

Let me know and we’ll figure out what’s going on here. Thanks!

I am using Roon’s iTunes Music Library watching feature.


I had an issue on Windows 10 where my library only loaded about 80% of my songs. If I restarted it would rescan and get to the same spot.

Eventually I opened the log and looked at the last songs to be imported and checked that folder in windows explorer. Turned out there was an 80K mp3 track that Roon was not able to get past. I deleted that Track and the rest of the library loaded.

I corrupt file stopped the import, but roon was not able to skip it either

I cannot find the log to check on last imported. Where is it located?


Hi @rwilson75 – no need to spend your time rooting around in the logs… That’s what we’re here for :smile:

I can tell you some changes in the last few versions of iTunes seem to be causing issues for our iTunes syncing feature, and we have a fix coming in our next release. If you’re experiencing that issue, this should be resolved for our next release.

That said, I want to make sure we’re understanding the issue here. Our iTunes feature does not look at the iTunes folder on your drive – it looks at your iTunes database and imports the library that’s there. So, I want to confirm: are you seeing the newly added albums in iTunes?

Can you confirm what you’re seeing in iTunes and, assuming the album is being added to iTunes but failing to sync through to Roon, we can take a deeper look at this.


I can see the new albums in iTunes, but they’re not showing up in Roon.

Ok, thanks @rwilson75 – just wanted to make sure.

Like I said, there are some issues with recent versions of iTunes that we’ve fixed for our next release. I’m going to send you a PM, so we can get some more information from you and confirm that the issue you’re having is related to the known iTunes issues.