Watched folder not working

In Settings Storage I added a new folder but I cant see any of the albums in that folder on my Roon album listings. I can play any of these using direct play from Windows however. I have used ‘Force rescan’ of this folder without success.
Is there anything I can do to force Roon to recognize that folder?
BTW, I used the same folder with previous Roon version, before I needed to uninstall and completely reinstall Roon, because Roon ceased to recognize my Roon Ready devices.

Can you post a screenshot of the Settings > Storage screen of Roon? Does that show that tracks have been imported into Roon?

Hmm…I can see the path being watched but where can i see the actual tracks being imported?

This is the capture of Storage screen:!An8EMrce7bcomScRCj2H7eBt49AF

Try this:

Tried already the rescan without any success.
Also, the Skipped listing is empty.

If the files had been imported, then the total would be shown on that screenshot in place of the “Watching for new files in real time” text.

The fact that it’s not confirms that no files have been imported, now we have to find out why.

Is the Roon Core installed on this PC (DESKTOP-GB8J1AD)? If so, did you install it using your user account in Windows?

If your answer to both questions is “yes”, then something even more curious is going on, because the default “Music Folder” shown in your screenshot is in fact exactly the same folder as the one that you have added (and you didn’t need to add it again).

What format are the music files in? One of the formats supported by Roon?

The PC shown on the image is the one that contains the core. That Music folder was working before, but I had to uninstall Roon as it did not work anymore, apparently because the database was corrupted. When uninstalling i checked the option to delete data also.
After doing this I added my Music folder aagain in the Storage settings and yes, it is listed two times, dont know why.
The fact is that it is not importing the music in that folder.
The music in that folder was used before by Roon with no problem until i had to uninstall everything.

Well, it’s listed twice because you added the second entry yourself. Roon installed on a PC will show the user’s Music Folder by default.

And you need to delete this second entry. If you don’t, then when we solve why Roon isn’t seeing files in this folder and starts importing files, you will end up with every album showing up in duplicate.

well, after trial and error i have copied all files to another path and this time it imports the music successfully. It seems it had some problem accessing that folder.
Thanks for your help!

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