Watched folder problem

hi @support

i used the release of the new version to try roon out for the first time. i’m running build 196. everything works very well except that my watched folder does not update automatically. force rescan works, but it’s as though the folder isn’t really being, well, watched. roon core is running on a sonictransporter i5, which is mounting a nas share via smb. does watching a folder require the folder to be stored locally or something? what am i missing? thanks!

Hi @cclay,

Many NAS devices don’t report filesystem changes over SMB. My old Synology NAS certainly doesn’t (I’ve moved subsequently to locally attached storage for a variety of reasons including this one). Unfortunately, there may be little you can do here with your current setup. Which NAS are you using?


Thanks for the reply, @joel. Yes, I have an older four-bay Synology NAS. I suspect you’re right about SMB. Too bad since this is a major advantage to Roon. Perhaps I’ll be able to change my network topology in the future. Let me know if you think of any other workarounds.

Got same problem with ROON core installed in my Synology DS1817+.
Any workarounds here?
Latest room updates installed already, but seems the old problems still there.
Roon is not really watching my folders.
What a pity for a music lover like me with new music files frequently added.
Re-scan for a huge folder really takes time and it’s annoying.