Watched Folders issue after switching from iTunes to Music app

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus +, 7 TB internal SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Switches

Connected Audio Devices

RJ45 Networking Cables
Mac Mini 64GB RAM, 2 TB Storage

Number of Tracks in Library

120.000 tracks

Description of Issue

Hi, I updated from iTunes to Music app.
Exported Mediathek.xml to Music folder, the watched Folder
No Playlists.

When I try to check the folders that are watched I can not change or add or do anything, page is blank.

i restarted the Software and the nucleus +, nothing …

Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-27 um 20.20.08

Hi @Horst_P_Beck ,

It doesn’t look like you have any storage folders, where does the media library reside, is it located on your Mac?

Have you exported the iTunes XML as per our guide here?

Apple Music is the successor of the iTunes app, and it’s still possible to use Apple Music Playlists with Roon, but the process is a bit different. The XML file needs to be generated by going to Apple Music App → File → Export Library:
export library from iTunes

Are you sharing your Mac iTunes folder over the network? Has this previously been working as expected for you? If you have not yet shared the folder over the network, you would also need to ensure that it is properly shared, please see the guide below:

hi, I tried all of your remarks , nothing works .
the music folder is , as already written above, in the nucleus plus . its a 7 TB SSD .
the internal drive is the watched folder , when I copy music there it is added .
that works …
I tried the old way, put all iTunes files back there = no playlists

when I put the mediathek.xml in the music folder a requested, nothing shows either .
no Playlists

everything else is fine .

rgds hpb

Just to be sure, you put a 1’200 USD SSD into your Nucleus to hold your music files? Can you please give the manufacturer/model (a link to a shop or the manufacturer website would be best). I’m just asking because Google can’t show me a 7 TB SSD that I could buy.

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