Watching for files in realtime - from Mac and NAS

With Roon installed on my iMac 5K and music stored on a NAS, it appears realtime file watching isn’t possible.

When I tried this on a Windows based machine yesterday Roon was able to watch a NAS folder in realtime.


  1. Are my observations correct?

  2. If yes, will Mac have realtime folder monitoring on a NAS?

  1. Are my observations correct?


  1. If yes, will Mac have realtime folder monitoring on a NAS?

There’s a workaround that you can use to get it working right now:

  • Mount your network drive using the OS. You can set up the drive as a login item if you want it to be auto-mounted at startup.
  • Configure Roon to watch the directory where the network drive is mounted

Obviously we’d prefer to have real-time watching built-in to the app on all platforms.

This inconsistency has arisen because the library that we use to make direct connections to Windows (SMB/CIFS) shares doesn’t support file/directory update notifications. There isn’t another sufficiently robust alternative that allows us to fully own the connection to the NAS and manage authentication the way we want to.

We may stop using this mechanism entirely and integrate with the OS-level implementation for CIFS volume mounting, but there are some technical complexities there that still need to be run down. We may also keep this as-is and make my above advice an FAQ entry. This is in flux at the moment.

i added six albums last night - and one album (using DBPA) reports that 3 of the 14 tracks are corrupt. I installed the latest flac 1.3.1 utility to test the flac files, they are all “OK” .

I think the Roon app tried to scan the NFS directory while the rip was in progress. How can I reset the ‘corrupt’ status and rescan?

We have a fix coming in our next beta build where, if the modification time on the file changes, it will be treated as non-corrupt and re-analyzed.

Let us know how it works for you once it’s released. Should be this week.

Can you define “modification time”?

“modification time” defined very precisely here:

Hi Guys- Just a follow-up to this. Mounting the NAS drive, then adding a folder on that drive as a local watched folder works perfect.

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