"Watching for new files in real time" on network share

I’ve been running Roon for about a month now and I love it! One little thing I’m confused about: my core is running on a NUC with my library mounted as a network share. In the settings, under Storage it says “Watching for new files in real time” – except it can’t do that with a network share! Is there a way to tell Roon that this is not a local drive?

Failing that, can I have Roon do a re-scane periodically? It does that with Tidal, it’s weird that it won’t do it with files on a share. As it is, I have to always manually rescan when I add files.

Hello, I think this « issue » is there since the beginning. I experienced it with files shared from a NAS. It seems it’s coming from command to execute on the NAS.
So at this time the only way is to launch manually the analysis…
Hope Roon would find a work around but it seems it is not a priority as it has been highlighted since the beginning.

You can only watch for changes on local files, AFAIK. I don’t think any remote file system will let you do that – at least SMB doesn’t seem to. So this is a fundamental limitation of the file system, not Roon’s fault.

Still, there should be a way either for Roon to figure out by itself that the files aren’t local, or having a way of telling it, so it can rescan automatically at certain intervals.