"Watching for new files in real time"

I suppose “real time” is relative, but it’s definitely not real time enough IMHO. Honestly no idea if it ever updates? I suspect it is because my music is stored on a NAS and Roon (running on Linux on a NUC) sees it over NFS. I’ve done things like check /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches, etc and still doesn’t work. Per this thread it sounds like the official Roon response is “sorry, not our fault”: Roon is not watching for new files in real time

Other than manually kicking of a re-scan every time I add music, is there some way to get Roon to scan automatically on a pre-defined schedule (like a cron job?).

In order to initiate a scan, Roon has to be told by the OS of the NAS that a change has been made. Is there any setting in the NAS software that can make that happen more frequently?


Roon —> Settings —> Storage—> Edit —> Automatic Rescan Interval.

@Henry_McLeod: In theory I could run an inotify watcher on the NAS but I have no idea if Roon or my version of Ubuntu supports that. For now a cron job would at least get me out of the manual clicking button business. Frankly, it’s not worth it right now if I could just rescan every 15min.

@Carl: Under Settings -> Storage, I can Edit the folder where my music is stored, but there is no “Automatic Rescan Interval” option. I’m running Roon 1.7 build 610.


As you mentioned NFS I was assuming the Roon Core is not on the NAS and is accessing the files via a network share.

If the Roon Core and files are on the NAS then Roon should be using a local path to the files directly not a network share and hence the option for automatic rescan [of network share] is not listed.

  • Could you confirm what your NAS is and also what device the Roon Core is running on.
  • Also can your post a screen shot of how the storage is setup in Roon.

Just re-read your post (Core is on Linux on NUC) but would it may help to know the OS and NUC version) and the NAS of course.

PS. What device is Roon Remote running on?

  • NAS: Synology DS418Play (stores the music & exports via NFS) running latest release
  • NUC: Linux Ubuntu 18.04 LTS running Roon Core. It’s a Core i3 model.
  • Roon Remote: MacBookPro 16" running MacOS 10.15.6

Both core and remote are 1.7 build 610

Hello @Aaron_Turner,

do you not see this?

No. I see this:

And if I try scrolling down, the popup window acts like it can scroll, but there is nothing below the Ignored Paths.

Hi Aaron,

I see the same as your screenshot for local folders. It is possible that the Schedule option is limited to network folders. What does your NAS Storage edit options screen show ?

Oh, I had already mounted my music onto my Linux box. I’m not relying on Roon to mount the volume. I guess that explains it? Still, probably a tweak to allow in the UI maybe?

Edit: Okay, am I missing something? Looks like Network Share option is for SMB only? I tried clicking on “Help” but it’s a broken link.

That will be it… and why I asked you to screen shot the Roon storage settings.
From Roon’s PoV it’s a local drive… the OS is masking that’s it really a network share.

I would suggest pointing Roon at the share and testing how well the “real time” folder watching works.

see above: seems that only supports SMB? this is NFS.

Synology NAS support SMB, do you have a strong reason not to enable it?

I don’t run Windows? I don’t want to deal with securing it properly? NAS are historically limited machines and I don’t want to run the extra process which eats CPU/Memory? The NAS runs Linux so NFS is better supported?


I have Roon server installed on Synology NAS and in the past when I added new music, it was immediately imported in Roon and now I don’t know what’s happen but this doesn’t work anymore. I even tried to completely reinstall Roon server and reimport all music again but nothing. Watching for a new files simply does not work anymore. I need to “force rescan” every time I add new music

O look yet another thing that doesnt work.

If you cannot rescan folders or set intervals for NFS shares at least put a refresh button that works in the UI and not bury it deep in settings.

It seems that “watching for a new files” on Synology NAS works again !
Yesterday I installed new DSM update and now I imported two albums and they were immediately recognized