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@support Rich metadata lies beyond my grasp. I have some compositions (by Martinu) that have Allmusic metadata BUT are not available on TIDAL. TMK, having a “bona fide” album from TIDAL is the only way to establish linkage to metadata.

Is there any alternative method to establishing a link? I have adjusted the tags to conform with the album and composition as specified on Allmusic.

John do you mean you have local files with metadata that roon isn’t identifying as the correct album?

I don’t have a TIDAL subscription but I see a similar effect because I have 2 roons. Often with my much smaller travel roon I only have one performance. It is common (whether the album is identified or unidentified) that compositions are not identified. Sometimes editing the allmusic canonical forms will force a composition identification, sometimes not. On my much larger home roon where I have multiple performances the composition is usually identified, often without the trouble of editing allmusic canonical forms.

I hadn’t realized there was a link with TIDAL.

That is correct, or more accurately, I have compositions (on which Allmusic has metadata) that are not present in TIDAL. Is there some workflow to link those compositions that doesn’t involve TIDAL?

It’s the Tidal bit that’s confusing me. roon album identification is independent of Tidal, it doesn’t have to have an equivalent in to be identified.

Well okay, but Roon seems to insist on a triangulated ID process, and some of my compositions are missing a side of the triangle.

IMO, a perfectly matched composition title, opus, and composer should be sufficient, but it doesn’t link with metadata.

Bear in mind, I’m talking about composition identification.

Ok I’ll readily admit I’m completely out of my depth with compositions.
I only work at the album/release level.
Need an @support view.

It would probably be helpful to post an examplar.

Here one example; there are many. There is a composition, “Czech Rhapsody for violin & piano, H. 307” by Bohuslav Martinu, in my library. Here are its tags:

…and here is AllMusic’s entry, which in this case has some text metadata:

Ostensibly, Roon will automagically link Allmusic metadata to any album it recognizes. Let’s see:

The album is clearly identified, and some album metadata appears. Now we look at the compositions:

Ah, not so lucky. None of the compositions are linked! This is a frequent occurence, and all is not lost. Looking at just the Czech Rhapsody, first we check for canonical spelling. So I open Allmusic, find the composition under Martinu, copy and paste into my tags.

Its done (see first pic) but still no composition linkage. I make other checks, such as correct composer spelling, but all is well. Well, what’s wrong?? Why no linkage?

One possible reason for no linkage is the absence of any metadata, but that is not the case for Czech Rhapsody. Why else?

Because, Roon only links what it considers to be VALID compositions. Validity is established by triangulating on known, correct exemplars. And the only exemplars in the current Roon system are found in TIDAL.

If I examine the TIDAL composition list, Czech Rhapsody does not appear anywhere. See below partial listing:

So, (this is the punch line), if there is no TIDAL composition (on any album), then there can be no validity established, and hence there can be no metadata linkage to that composition.

It does not matter if the composition tags match Allmusic’s to a T. Roon will not link to it. Or so I believe.

But I also thought this system would be changed, or a workaround developed. Hence my OP.

PS: My advance apologies to Roon for any misrepresentations. This was all by inference.

I’ll leave it to support, I don’t understand as I don’t use compositions.

I take your point that it is a mystery when roon will identify a composition. I get unidentified compositions all the time too whether I align with allmusic or not. But I have this album and in this case I got composition identifications for everything:

I cannot see any obvious difference between my metadata and yours except that I am using mp3tag instead of Yate so it is possible my tags are written out to file differently than yours. I also have the habit of using all the accented characters when I tag composers / artists and often track titles as well. So I have tagged Bohuslav Martinů and not Bohuslav Martinu, although I see roon overwrites anyway. (But I see with the exception of Teml you used accented characters as well)

Regardless, as is often the case roon hasn’t got it quite right as this Rhapsody is a version arranged for orchestra not piano. That is why there are two “composers” and is probably why in hyperion metadata it is H. 307a not H. 307 so I also set Jiří Teml to arranger rather than Jiri Teml as you have done.

Finally I had to edit both the composition screen and the album screen to get this:

and this:

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Thanks, @Tony_Casey. You got me thinking about any or all detritus that was floating around from previous Roon and/or tagger edits.

So I just backed the whole album out and reimported. Voila – Link! Why this happened I’ll never know, but it’s a magical cure-all kinda like power cycling kit.

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