WAV files have a "tapping" sound when played in ROON

Hi, The majority of my files ripped from my own CDs are in .WAV format. when these are played in ROON - they have a tapping sound. I tested it with .m4a files - but they seem OK.
The same .WAV files played via iTunes or Quicktime player - sound OK - and they sound ok on the iPhone.
Has anyone else experienced this?

You may be exceeding available network bandwidth. Wav files are much larger than compressed m4a. How are your Core and Endpoints connected?

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As @Larry_Post stated WAV files are large files. I would try moving a few of those files locally to bypass the network streaming.

Just about all of my collection are WAV with the exception of what I have purchased online and I have no issues.


Just about all my files are WAV and they originate from my MAC Mini as a RoonServer…no issues here…

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