Wave form / progress bar

Roon Core Machine

Audiostore prestige

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Cisco switch, wired LAN with RPi Rooextend

Connected Audio Devices

Naim NDS, 4xUnitiqutes

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Wave form / progress bar not working on iPad and iPhone. Music shown playing lagging one track behind that actually played. Also, won’t play queue - have to nudge it along.

Try rebooting the server

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Trying that, sadly it did not work - forgot to say that the problem was only with the NDS and not the Unitiqutes.

No joy after current update …

What are you using to send to the NDS?

Hi I’m using an Audiostore Nova.
I’ve just deleted the Roon and Sonicorbiter apps, rebooted, then reinstalled the apps, but the problem persists. In addition it only plays two tracks from an album and then stops.

However, for Naim Unitiqutes the waveform is present and an album plays normally. They are fed from the Nova via RooExtend on a RPi.

Hi @Stephen_Pritchard ,

Please see this thread for further details, thanks!

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