Waveform and Dynamic Range for Tidal (and Qobuz)

I’m not sure it can be done given Tidal is a real-time incoming stream.

I’m not either, but I was curious if it were somehow possible to analyze the track ahead of playback.

Or perhaps buffer it somewhere so at least its there second time round?

Funnily enough, I was going to start a thread and request this too until I searched the reason it can’t be done. Makes sense I guess, but if you had enough Internet bandwidth to quickly cache the whole track it would be nice.
I have found the waveform display more useful than I thought I would. I use it as a very rough and ready guide to show the amount of dynamic range compression present in new releases (answer: a lot, often) which then influences my decision whether or not to buy it on vinyl. Because of the inherent limitations of cutting the vinyl medium, LPs usually go through a different post-production process to digital releases. They usually have less DRC applied, leading to them sounding much better than the digital release!

I appreciate that Roon can not initially display a Tidal track waveform. However, I wondered if Roon could perform the analysis during the first play of each track so that the stored results could be displayed subsequently.

I know this is easier said than done but perhaps it’s something for @Brian, @Danny et al to consider.


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Since Tidal and Roon seem quite close, perhaps the Tidal guys could be talked into creating the necessary waveform data themselves, and sending it ahead of the track for Roon users.


That’s would be very cool, if the Tidal / Roon collaboration allowed … plus it has the benefit of only having to be done once per track.

It’s not absolutely essential, but that waveform is one of the cooler features in Roon.

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It’s useful on many fronts, for me it often confirms what my ears are telling me iro highly compressed/brickwalled content…


Perhaps Roon could scan the tracks for the waveforms of the Tidal tracks as we add them to our libraries?

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…or periodically analyze our libraries to provide us with the waveforms? How does Roon handle our personal files currently? How does it analyze our files?

Well, considering apps like djay Pro can analyze and display waveforms for Spotify tracks, I don’t see why Roon couldn’t do the same with Tidal tracks.


I too would love to see this addition! I love having the feature for locally stored tracks and would love to see this this for Tidal tracks as well. Roon + Tidal is a thing of beauty!

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I’m using Tidal more and more and agree if this could be done by analysing on first play and then displayed subsequently, it would be great.

So that’s a +1 from me.


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Hi. I dont know what to call it, but the “waves” in the timeline that i have on local music is lacking when i stream from TIDAL.

Eg here some local music:

But its just a line when i play something from TIDAL HiFi:

How do i fix this. I’m new to roon, and i didn’t add Tidal at once. I’ve come to love that information in just a few days that i’ve been on trail so far, but then i discovered it wasn’t on tidal, and why not?

This is properly not a new question, but i simply do not know what to call that playbar.

Emil Kristensen

Music streamed from the internet cannot be analysed in advance so there is no wavy line.

But its not like it a surprise either how to music is. Couldn’t roon have some library of the waves and then get that when i gets the music?

There are often so many different versions of tracks and albums this would be impractical.

Hi @Emil_Kristensen,

I’ve moved your post into this feature request topic.

I know the Roon developers are aware of this request and have some enhancement features on the white board … however I do not know when they will be implemented.